"Nobody's Child" Cassie is an eleven year old girl who has been in a children's home since she was four years old. Very bright, Cassie excels in most subjects and can play Brahms and Mozart on the piano at the age of only six. Because of her age nobody wants to adopt her. Mrs Cummings the manager of Auton House is a wicked woman who treats Cassie and the rest in her charge badly and beats her with regularity. One day she is sent to clean out the toilet and bathroom and Mrs Cummings comes along to inspect them. Running a white glove over everything and looking for dirt. When she doesn't find any she then reaches up on the door - Cassie is only three feet six inches tall and was unable to reach up to the top of the door and Mrs Cummings sets about her with a cane. She beats her so badly that Cassie runs at her forcing her back where she hits her head on a wash basin. Cassie in her panic rushes out and runs away.- It is there that she meets Don a ex docker who takes pity on the girl - rea


37. 37

“I have been lying to you Linda, and I’m sorry; I should have told you from the start.’

“Told me what Don?’

“It’s about Cassie.’

What about Cassie; look Don please just tell me.’

“Cassie is not my relative.’

“Who is she then?’

“She is a girl who has run away from an abusive home in Newcastle.’ Don spent the next twenty minutes explaining how he had found the girl and how he had brought her back to his house.’

Don you must inform the police, they will be looking for her.’

“I promised Cassie that I wouldn’t you see; if I were to tell the police Cassie would never trust me again.’

“It’s not a case of mistrust here Don; this is serious stuff here.’

I’ve been worried out of my mind Linda; I don’t know what to do for the best. If I ring the police the chances are that she will be taken back to Auton House where that woman was cruel to her. I don’t want that.’

“I see; what are you going to do, you cannot keep her here.’ I mean what would people think of a middle aged man and a young girl for God sake?’

“I know that Linda but I don’t want Cassie to be hurt any more; she has been hurt enough already.’

“Don you cannot go on with this pretence, you will be found out. “ You could go to jail for abducting a minor.’

“What makes matters even worse is I am implicated in all of this.’ You should have told me truth Don.’

“I know that Linda, and I’m sorry for deceiving you.’ I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you the truth and the more I lied the harder it was to tell you.’

“What are you going to do?’

“I don’t know really; I was hoping that you could help.’

“You must do something Don and today before someone gets wind of this and you end up in court.’

“The thing is Linda, Cassie is becoming attached to me; she is an intelligent girl. “ I think all she needs is a stable environment.’

“Could you honestly see yourself looking after Cassie; I mean you work ten hour shifts Don.’

“What else could I do other than try and find a nine to five job.’

“I think the first thing you need to do is report this; “I really do before you get into serious trouble.’

“You’re right; don’t worry I won’t implicate you in this.’ “I will tell the authorities that Cassie stayed here with the dog.’

Don was about to pick up the phone when there was a knock on the door. Fart barked loudly.’

“Go out the back door Linda I don’t want you involved in this if it’s the police.’

Don gathered the cups as she put on her coat then picked up her bag of shopping and made for the back door as Don went to the door.

Don walked to the door as it banged again and he opened it expecting to be arrested.

“Hello said Harry Grey the postman; can you take a parcel in for Mrs Crowe’ she’s not in.’

“Yes of course I will Harry.’

“I’ll leave a card through her door telling her that the parcel is here.’

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