"Nobody's Child" Cassie is an eleven year old girl who has been in a children's home since she was four years old. Very bright, Cassie excels in most subjects and can play Brahms and Mozart on the piano at the age of only six. Because of her age nobody wants to adopt her. Mrs Cummings the manager of Auton House is a wicked woman who treats Cassie and the rest in her charge badly and beats her with regularity. One day she is sent to clean out the toilet and bathroom and Mrs Cummings comes along to inspect them. Running a white glove over everything and looking for dirt. When she doesn't find any she then reaches up on the door - Cassie is only three feet six inches tall and was unable to reach up to the top of the door and Mrs Cummings sets about her with a cane. She beats her so badly that Cassie runs at her forcing her back where she hits her head on a wash basin. Cassie in her panic rushes out and runs away.- It is there that she meets Don a ex docker who takes pity on the girl - rea


31. 31

Janet was well off now with two pensions and a state pension; she could afford to come to the bingo every night if she wanted. Tanya and Barry were there every night. Neither of them worked and they claimed every benefit going in order to sustain their life style. They had a daughter called Louise who came too and she wasn’t working either.

There was Paula who was pushed in a wheel chair with a supply of oxygen to help her breathe but as soon as the brakes were applied to her chair off came the oxygen mask and out came a packet of cigarettes from her bag. Lighting up she coughed and spluttered as a result of emphysema which had attacked her lungs; even though she gasped for breath she inhaled the thing that was killing her. One of the girls who knew Paula asked if she would like a cup of tea; do you think… she paused to suck in air from her mask then said. Could you get me something…?

Maybeth pre-empted what she was about to say and suggested that the Steak pie or fish and chips were nice.

“Fish please.’

Paula had an electronic board she got someone to set it so that she could play all the games and when she needed to shout house she could just press a claim button and the game would stop automatically. She played the board games as well on the table using the same method. Her friend would be in soon and she would be able to help her in the break with her food.

The bingo hall was a Mecca for gay people. Lalana and Michelle sat watching; as two girls with butch looking haircuts, tattoos and body piercings openly paraded their sexuality without a care in the world. Here they could express themselves without being judged by others. They were accepted in a heterosexual world. They sat along side others and it was only the new members who would stare at them.

There were some very old people who would be brought by there sons or daughters and even though some of them were going a bit deaf they were able to play a game using a touch pad. The Bingo hall opened up a social outlet for able bodied and disabled people alike.

Many single males and females met at the bingo hall where they found a common ground; a place to come that they both enjoyed. Don wondered how many couples had met and married as a result of going to the bingo. He was spoken to by many women as they came and went; they even flirted with him but he never followed up.

Don was maybe a bit shy and being in a work based environment and that made him consider his position in the work place. He tried to maintain his professionalism at all times.

If he’d been a bit more out going like his friend Chris Bain who took advantage of every situation that came his way. The tall slim younger lad had no problem picking up girls as he walked around the hall with an air of confidence. Many phone numbers would be thrust in his hand. He would follow up on the good looking ones; the others not so attractive he would make up excuses telling them he was working to avoid going out with them.

Chris had tried to get him fixed up; Don was handsome enough he just didn’t have the patter that Chris had and girls soon got bored and walked away from him. Don found it hard to initiate a conversation at work unless the girl spoke first. He usually allowed a girl waffle on than talk himself. He’d always been a good listener and offered advice when he thought it was needed. The last game on the bingo finished and now would come the collecting of the money from the tables.

He took out a large cloth bag and opened each compartment at the bottom of each table then emptied the box before moving onto the next until they were all done.

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