"Nobody's Child" Cassie is an eleven year old girl who has been in a children's home since she was four years old. Very bright, Cassie excels in most subjects and can play Brahms and Mozart on the piano at the age of only six. Because of her age nobody wants to adopt her. Mrs Cummings the manager of Auton House is a wicked woman who treats Cassie and the rest in her charge badly and beats her with regularity. One day she is sent to clean out the toilet and bathroom and Mrs Cummings comes along to inspect them. Running a white glove over everything and looking for dirt. When she doesn't find any she then reaches up on the door - Cassie is only three feet six inches tall and was unable to reach up to the top of the door and Mrs Cummings sets about her with a cane. She beats her so badly that Cassie runs at her forcing her back where she hits her head on a wash basin. Cassie in her panic rushes out and runs away.- It is there that she meets Don a ex docker who takes pity on the girl - rea


23. 23

“Look get up and go and get washed, I will put your clean clothes on the bed after I have made it for you then you can pick which one that you would like to try.’ “Is that okay?’ “I will make you some eggy bread to eat as well.

Yes, that’s fine; what’s eggy bread?’

“What you’ve never eaten eggy bread before.’

“No, I haven’t.’

“Hurry up then and I will teach you how to make it.’

Cassie strolled into the bathroom and ran the tap whilst Don straightened up the bed then sorted her some clothes to wear. He had placed her new shoes on the rack and he brought them for her to put on.

Cassie put on the clean clothes and felt a whole lot better than she had yesterday.

Putting on a vest then a red patterned jumper and a pair of jeans; she tied the laces on the training shoes then walked into the kitchen.

Cassie looked at the long variety pack of cereal in the little boxes and decided to choose the Rice Crispies, picking up the box she read on the front about the snap, crackle, and pop that the Rice Crispies made. She opened the sealed bag inside then tipped out the contents into a bowl then poured some milk on them.

“They taste far better with a spoonful of sugar on them said Don as he sprinkled some sugar from the bowl and waited until she had tried them.

 “Listen and you will hear them pop?’

“I can, I can hear them mister Don.’

“I thought that you would like them; now watch this.’ Don took two eggs, broke them into a large mug; and then whisked them with a fork after adding some milk. He heated some butter in the pan then placed two slices of bread which had been dipped in the egg in the pan and poured in the rest of the egg mixture. Cassie watched him as he waited until the egg turned golden brown then flipped the bread over.’

When they were done he asked her if she would like to have a go.

“Well it looks easy enough said Cassie as she finished her cereal and placed the bowl in the sink and poured hot water on it and some washing up liquid. After washing it she placed it to drain on the board. Then she took hold of an egg and cracked it the  cup the way mister Don had done then broke it into the cup, she poured in a little milk then began to whisk it with a fork. Then she popped a pat of butter in the pan and waited until it sizzled then dipped the bread in the large mug.

“Good girl, now pop the bread into the pan urged Don. She followed Don’s instructions then flipped the bread over using a spatula once it had changed colour.

A few minutes later and they were done. Don brought out the others and set them onto plates and then took out the tomato sauce. He sat and ate the eggy bread with Cassie who loved the new breakfast she was given to eat.’

“I really like eggy bread mister Don she proclaimed as she cut into a slice with her knife and fork. Do you want a cup of tea or would you like some orange juice.’

“A cup of tea please mister Don.’

“That’s my girl said Don as he got up and got two mugs down from the cupboard. Don didn’t fill Cassie’s right up in case she spilled it then asked her if she wanted sugar.

“Can I have two spoons mister Don, it tastes better with sugar?’

Don spooned in the sugar then passed it to Cassie who took a drink then proclaimed that he made a good cup of tea.

When they had both finished breakfast; Cassie washed up and then dried them ready to be put back in the cupboard.

“Can we cook tomorrow mister Don?

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