🦋~If I never knew you~🦋

Inspired by the Disney song from Pocahontas the original one at the end of the movie and the cover version song by The Cheetah Girls.

Btw I Do NOT OWNED ANY OF THE PICTURES or videos the videos are owned by Disney the pictures belong to it's rightful owners.

This is a Voltron Legendary Defender fanfic AU

Also it's Kallura fanfic = KeithxAllura

��~And this is for Alternate Universe Competition~��

More Brief Description: Allura is the most wanted Rover aka gypsy in the land she finds a castle in the deep woods and snaked inside.

She hides in one of the prince's bed's not to be seen for she has been hurt but one of the prince In the castle notices her.

As for the others and the king they accept her as one of there own.

Packed with love, Adventure, HighSchool and a having a small crush on one of the prince's.

It's easy right!? especially for the most wanted Rover in Barcelona.

Your going to have to read and find out yourself.

I do NOT Own Voltron Legendary Defender it owned by Netflix and DreamWorks animation


8. Chapter 8: ღLove ιѕ ιn тнe aιrღ+the proposal

This chapter will be short and chapter 9 and last chapter 10 has a poem it's helped me be inspired to this story and the Music by The Cheetah girls.

If chapter 7 doesn't work on the app then please use a computer all the text is there and the video in the book.


Pidge 's pov 


Even thought we are happy in the woods of Barcelona I'm still kinda sad about Coran death but I know my bother.

Keith will  make a good soon to be king he has Allura as his soon to be queen. as for my other bother's well there doing good.  

"Oh there Keith and Allura now I wonder where there going"  I might as well follow them for this time there where walking. 

Somewhere and keith is telling Allura to close her eyes and he is holding her hand as  they are waking. 


Allura's pov 

"As long as I don't bumped into anything you be my eyes ok?" I said back to him

"Ok" he said back "I promise your not going to bump into anything." He then winked at me Then I closed my eyes. 

We continued to walk until he said "ok you can open your eyes now."

"Keith It's beautiful"  I said  back  "not as beautiful as you" he said back  as we both walked on the bridge  the sakura  tree's (cherry tree's) are pretty. I said back  

Then Keith got down on one keen on the bridge and said  "Allura will you make me the happiest King in the world and marry me."?  He said 

I started  to cry "yes I will marry you." I said back 

He then placed the ring on my finger

Then we both kissed as for the town's wanted posters there where removed.


Pidge 's pov 

Omg Keith and Allura  kissed I'm really happy for them now there King and Queen of  Eagleview Castle  in the heart of  Barcelona  we moved into the city.










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