🦋~If I never knew you~🦋

Inspired by the Disney song from Pocahontas the original one at the end of the movie and the cover version song by The Cheetah Girls.

Btw I Do NOT OWNED ANY OF THE PICTURES or videos the videos are owned by Disney the pictures belong to it's rightful owners.

This is a Voltron Legendary Defender fanfic AU

Also it's Kallura fanfic = KeithxAllura

��~And this is for Alternate Universe Competition~��

More Brief Description: Allura is the most wanted Rover aka gypsy in the land she finds a castle in the deep woods and snaked inside.

She hides in one of the prince's bed's not to be seen for she has been hurt but one of the prince In the castle notices her.

As for the others and the king they accept her as one of there own.

Packed with love, Adventure, HighSchool and a having a small crush on one of the prince's.

It's easy right!? especially for the most wanted Rover in Barcelona.

Your going to have to read and find out yourself.

I do NOT Own Voltron Legendary Defender it owned by Netflix and DreamWorks animation


5. Chapter 5: 💃The Dance 💃

Warning: This part will have a spoiler alert 🚨 If have not watched the From episode 1-6 I suggest that you watch it on Netflix or KissCartoon.


Pidge pov

It's really nice to have another girl in the castle beside it was getting kinda lonely with just me and my bother's I could kinda all ready tell that one of my bother's is happy.

As Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy played in the background I saw  Keith dancing with Allura for some reason it's reminds of Sleeping Beauty just the dance aww they where made for each other.


I sighed then yawned for I was getting sleepy I just walked upstairs and took a nap.


Allura's pov

I can't put my finger on it but Keith may be hiding something from me I let go of his hand "what's the matter Allura"? he said "I need to go" I said I ran outside.


For I don't know where I was going I continued seeing stepping stones on the water leading me to a secret place on the other side I continued to follow it and continued to cry on a rock when I got there.

Keith would never like the real me the village on the small side of town.


Want to hurt me they think all Gypsies/Rovers are mean and want us sentence to death or hanged.


Keith pov


I was about to follow her just then I was stopped by Lance and Huck.


"What did you do to her?" they said at the same time


Then they said "jinx's you own me a Coke" they said to each other


I sighed "look I don't know what wrong with Allura but I don't do anything to her" now move out of my way so I can go look for her".


They both let me though for I saw a firefly and a butterfly I decided to follow them they lead me a river with stepping stones.

well curiosity did killed the cat I just continued to follow the woodland creatures until I found her crying on rock.


I sat down next to her and hold her tightly she looked at me with wet tears in her eyes she pushed me away from the hug. I was about to ask her what wrong Then an angry mod of villagers entered our enchanted meadow.


"That the thief who took some of the food with out paying for it" man said


"Ok what are all doing here"? I said


"She a thief, a gypsy that deserves to be killed and hanged""she is wanted for "all those crimes" a woman said


"I Don't CARE I yelled at them leave now for she is my adopted sister"

"I order you all to leave or I will trow you all in the dungeon" I said back


After some time the villagers left and door to the garden was closed wrapped in vines the two love birds where left alone together.


"Tell me the truth"  as I looked into her orbs.


All they could hear was the wind gusting.
























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