~If I never knew you~

Inspired by the Disney song from Pocahontas the original one at the end of the movie and the cover version song by The Cheetah Girls.

Btw I Do NOT OWNED ANY OF THE PICTURES or videos the videos are owned by Disney the pictures belong to it's rightful owners.

This is a Voltron Legendary Defender fanfic AU

Also it's Kallura fanfic = KeithxAllura

��~And this is for Alternate Universe Competition~��

More Brief Description: Allura is the most wanted Rover aka gypsy in the land she finds a castle in the deep woods and snaked inside.

She hides in one of the prince's bed's not to be seen for she has been hurt but one of the prince In the castle notices her.

As for the others and the king they accept her as one of there own.

Packed with love, Adventure, HighSchool and a having a small crush on one of the prince's.

It's easy right!? especially for the most wanted Rover in Barcelona.

Your going to have to read and find out yourself.

I do NOT Own Voltron Legendary Defender it owned by Netflix and DreamWorks animation


4. Chapter 4: The Meadow + Congratulation Party

Keith pov


As I was passed out on the living room floor I was also dreaming about being a bandit.

I was on Buttercup apparently I was being chased by some people for taking some diamonds and pearls to get the cops off my trail.

I was in a secret garden it was funny because only two people knew about it me and Allura

I know it sound's kinda crazy because she is my adopted sister now.


But when I found her hurt and on my bed I couldn't help but fall in love with her.


The meadow was quite only two butterflies where there but both of them flew away I took Buttercup to a tree we both sat down and relaxed.

Still clutching the small sack of diamonds and pearls I still couldn't think I'm being watched only the sound of the wind and Buttercup's breathing.

Just then I heard someone in the bushes and someone jumped me than I was in a hug attack as we both roll on the green grass and then realized it was Allura.


I just hugged her back "hi" she said "hey" I said back as l looked into her eyes which had pink spots in her pupils.


It was kinda funny but we where in an awkward position I was on top of her and her outfit was so different then what she had on before. She was in blue boots and gypsy clothing and in a black skirt.  (the pics can  tell you.) 






"You look really pretty" I said  as I kissed her cheek  "thanks" she said back  just then she pulled out a knife witch was near my throat  "give me all the diamonds and  pearls you have or your going to get it!" she said  


"Oh so that's it your a rover"  I said back  "yes and I'm wanted dead or alive"  she whisper with tears in her eyes.  I" can't do it..... I can't  kill you because I"...... just then I got splashed  with water. I woke up from my dream all cover with water Lance was holding a bucket and I was in my room.


"Time to get up Keith the congratulation party Is staring downstairs you should "have seen the look on your face when I threw water on you"  then he  ran away.  

30 mins I got ready and walked down the steps and walked to the curved balcony.



Allura  was standing there looking at the  sea  and the moon  "how can a girl be this pretty?"I though in my head.

"The party inside the castle not out here." I said   "I know." she said back.  "I just love the sea." "same here It always has the kindest seashells." I said back 


"Would you like to dance with me.?" I asked her


"Sure!" she said 



























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