~If I never knew you~

Inspired by the Disney song from Pocahontas the original one at the end of the movie and the cover version song by The Cheetah Girls.

Btw I Do NOT OWNED ANY OF THE PICTURES or videos the videos are owned by Disney the pictures belong to it's rightful owners.

This is a Voltron Legendary Defender fanfic AU

Also it's Kallura fanfic = KeithxAllura

��~And this is for Alternate Universe Competition~��

More Brief Description: Allura is the most wanted Rover aka gypsy in the land she finds a castle in the deep woods and snaked inside.

She hides in one of the prince's bed's not to be seen for she has been hurt but one of the prince In the castle notices her.

As for the others and the king they accept her as one of there own.

Packed with love, Adventure, HighSchool and a having a small crush on one of the prince's.

It's easy right!? especially for the most wanted Rover in Barcelona.

Your going to have to read and find out yourself.

I do NOT Own Voltron Legendary Defender it owned by Netflix and DreamWorks animation


3. Chapter 3: Life is an easy Street

Huck's pov


Finally it was lunch time I got my lunch and sat down near a table soon my brothers came and my sister they sat down "so how was everyone day"? I asked eating my pasta.

"I will be right back"Keith  said he took two apples and walked outside into to the cold breeze air.


"young love" Lance said


I shook my head in agreement and continued eating.




Allura's pov

I just need some time to think and clear my head "Allura"!? someone said snapping me out of my thoughts it was Keith.


"What are you doing out here with buttercup"? my pet horse he asked


He had an apple in his hand and gave it to buttercup which she gladly accepted and ate it.


"Well I was just thanking her for talking us to school." I said


"Oh" he said back as he handed the second apple to me I accepted  it as well.


"We better go back inside the building before next class starts." I said back to him


"Yup" we both walked back inside and sat down with the others.


"So did you two love birds kissed outside"? lance said  I rolled my eyes back at him.


By the end of the day it was time to go home.


Obviously I road with buttercup  but I was trapped inside my thoughts the meadow dream.... it was kinda a cute dream I never have a cute dream before until I met Keith.

I also realize that I have been holding on to his waist the entire time from the trip when we went to school and now when we are going home also it's to help me not fall off of Buttercup.


"Ok we are home." lance said



Keith pov


I jumped off Buttercup and quickly carried Allura up into a tree and then we landed on the balcony.


And then I trow my bed sheets out the window for they needed to be cleaned but our house maid got them from and took it downstairs as soon I could have trow them outside.


I turned around Allura was gone.


"She probably gone to the kitchen to get something to eat." I thought


"As long as Coran doesn't find her everything will be okay." I also thought that in my head


"Hey Keith!" I slowly walked to the living room "yes Coran" I said


"We have a new member to our family meet your new adopted sister Allura." he said


That's when I fainted.



























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