~If I never knew you~

Inspired by the Disney song from Pocahontas the original one at the end of the movie and the cover version song by The Cheetah Girls.

Btw I Do NOT OWNED ANY OF THE PICTURES or videos the videos are owned by Disney the pictures belong to it's rightful owners.

This is a Voltron Legendary Defender fanfic AU

Also it's Kallura fanfic = KeithxAllura

��~And this is for Alternate Universe Competition~��

More Brief Description: Allura is the most wanted Rover aka gypsy in the land she finds a castle in the deep woods and snaked inside.

She hides in one of the prince's bed's not to be seen for she has been hurt but one of the prince In the castle notices her.

As for the others and the king they accept her as one of there own.

Packed with love, Adventure, HighSchool and a having a small crush on one of the prince's.

It's easy right!? especially for the most wanted Rover in Barcelona.

Your going to have to read and find out yourself.

I do NOT Own Voltron Legendary Defender it owned by Netflix and DreamWorks animation


2. Chapter 2: Adventures in high school

Keith's pov

I opened my eyes to a streak of sunlight and my two bothers staring  at me wide eyed.  Hunk and Lance  "what is it"? I said to  them "how did you score a hot babe like her"? Lance  said as  he  pointed   to Allura who was still cuddling my arm I smiled at her.


And looked back at him and said "bite your tongue" he then shut up

"Anyway I found her in my bed she was hurt and she's not from around" here" I said back to them.


"Oh doses Coran know about this"? Hunk said as he was eating calzone.


"No he's dose not" I said back I looked at my cellphone "holy cow guys we" "are late for school".


"Aww sorry." hunk said


"I'm going to wake up Pidge." lace said


"I'm going to get ready for school." hunk said


"I can't just leave her inside the castle or on the sofa Coran will find her"

I thought in my head."


Just then she woke up I looked into her orbs. "hey you feeling any better"? I whispered to her.


Allura's pov


"Omg" I just had a dream about Keith and we are so close from kissing like right now my tummy has butterflies. "Yes I'm okay." I said back

"where are you going"? I asked as he was still holding me bridal style.


"Well me and brothers and my sister are going to high school." I said back


"Can I come with you?" with sparkles in my eyes.


"No you can't your not from here." he said back


"But I want to be with you." I said back


I blushed at what. I said


"you what"?! he said back


"Thank god boy's are dumb!" I thought in head


Keith's pov

Hunk had all got our lunches my sister Pidge was helping Allura get ready for some reason.

I told her about Allura she made me change my mind about taking her to school with us she could be the new girl I thought in my head.

"Trying to get the popular boy's attention but the boy is dating a mean girl aka popular girl#1" "But breaks up with her to be with other popular girl".(aka the new girl)

"Who is Smart pretty and drop dead gorgeous it makes his legs shake and he gets butterflies" "in his tummy Allura is girl number 2".

"You look nice Allura." I said to her "thanks" she's said back

I got on my horse and see if everyone was ready just then I felt someone holding my wrist.


Lance rode up beside me "Aww So cute when are you two going to be" "boyfriend and girlfriend"?


"Shut up Lance" I said


I looked behind me Allura was blushed red


"Don't listen to him he's just an idiot" I said as I gave her a fast smile and continued looking at the road.


"Okay we are here" I told them


I held on the rains of my horse and tied it a pole we all got off I helped Allura off of my horse.


They where a few girls giggling and saying we make a cute couple together.


I blushed and hold her hand and we both walked to get her schedule in the front office.


10 minutes had passed and Allura had her schedule we where in some classes but for the most of day she was with Pidge.


Allura pov


"Well I'm going to go to my first class." I said


"I will walk with you." pidge said


"Thanks pidge." I said back


"So have you been to a real school before"? Pidge said


"No." I said


"Just be yourself I'm sure you will fit in no time."Pidge said


"Okay I will be myself" I said and we both walked into math class together.










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