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  • Published: 19 Jan 2017
  • Updated: 20 Feb 2017
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For I do not know him anymore. I wish..... for him to just come back to me.


2. Red Moon

The day of the red moon. The day she died. The day I killed her. The day she used a sword on me. She.... wanted me dead. What was the reason for me to kill her.. I don't remember why I did it. I hope she has forgiven me. For I am now in prison. For I killed the Healer of the king. 

This is what I get for killing people. What was I thinking? I can't remember why I killed all those people, or why I killed her. My little sister.

I get up and the chains pulled me down, stopping me from going to the window cell. I'm sorry... Little Sister!

My eyes teared up and I cried. I cried and cried.

"Why are you crying big brother? I have already forgiven you. Why the tears?" said a small sweet voice.

I look up. In front of me was a small girl with a healing bag on and a sword on her back.

"I'm sorry. Please... I can't live like this any more." I say to her.

"I didn't come to get you." she said with a warm smile.

"Then why are you here then?" I asked her.

She smiled. And hugged me.

She got up. There were tears in her eyes.

Why is she crying?

"I'm sorry! I wasn't there for you! If I was there for you wouldn't be here right now! Please forgive me!" She threw herself into my arms.

I hugged her tight. Her beautiful long hair smelled like sweet herbs.

"You have nothing to forgive. It is me who should ask for forgiveness." I hugged her even tighter.

We then both cried half our lives out.

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