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  • Published: 19 Jan 2017
  • Updated: 20 Feb 2017
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For I do not know him anymore. I wish..... for him to just come back to me.


3. Free

"I  am here to free you from this place. For the evil inside you has left since that day you killed me." She gave me a sad look.

"But I don't deserve to be free." I started to say. But she was already freeing me from the chains.

Once she had finished she started to walk to the cell window. She opened it in a flash.

"You are ready to leave now." She said with a smile.

"But they will kill me as soon as they see me!" I tell her.

"I'll be there. They can't kill me." She says to me. I nodded. I get out through the window cell.

As soon as I was out they tried to kill me. My sister went in the way and got her sword out. Her eyes were on fire.

"Go! I'll hold them back!" She saw that I didn't want to leave her. "I promise I'll find you again! Go!"
I ran. I ran and ran into the most depths of the woods. Once I knew that I was safe I stood still waiting quietly for my sister to come. Hours pass, and she didn't come. I went to hunt. I caught a bird and I cooked it. Two days passed and still she didn't come.

So I went back to were I left her. But I stayed hidden in the woods. My eyes widen as I heard the people talking.

"Can You believe it! A ghost helped him out!" said the man.

"Yes. But the ghost died at the end. She tried to fight the guards off but couldn't. So... the soul no longer exists... I heard that the soul was the Healer of the King. Or she was his little sister!" said the women.

"I also heard that. But still, she is dead." he pointed out.

Once I heard that, I started to run into the woods again. As fastest my legs could carry me. I then fall on the ground.

"Sister! I'm so sorry! Please! Don't leave me behind! I don't want this!" I yell at the sky, hoping that there will be an answer. But there was none. I cried for about an hour.

I got up and started to walk way.

Because, I know, that thou has forgiven me.

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