The Life of A Teenage Girl

This is just me doing poems when I have nothing better to write and I have something that I would like to get off of my mind and onto paper. This might go down at some point or it might stay up until I hit 100. I don't know. But until than Just enjoy getting closer to my soul through words that are o the computer.


5. You promised

Dear Mother,


You promised.

You promised you would be here.

You promised you would be here for me.

I don't ask you much. I don't ask you much at all.

What I did ask thought was that you be here with me today.

You promised.

You promised me THIS time you would be here.

THIS time you would help me.

I guess I ask you to do too much.

I am sorry.

I know that you are busy with your own life. 

You have your own school, your own job, and your own friends but I asked you.

And you promised. 

You promised me that you would help me.

You PROMISED me that you would be home when I needed you to be.

I guess you just forgot. 

I guess that I must not matter enough.

I am a younger version of you so ...

You promised me. 

You promised and you broke it.

I put to much trust in you and then you broke it. 

I guess I learned my lesson.


The daughter who's promise you broke

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