The Life of A Teenage Girl

This is just me doing poems when I have nothing better to write and I have something that I would like to get off of my mind and onto paper. This might go down at some point or it might stay up until I hit 100. I don't know. But until than Just enjoy getting closer to my soul through words that are o the computer.


2. What Is Love?

What is love so red and ripe?

What is the color so carefully chosen?

Is love black and blue like an old pipe?

Or is it the opposite of the sun and frozen?

Is love the cold color of black and blue?

What of love if not in the world is true?

But I must confess all but I think the words 'I do',

But all I see when I think love is the weird color and shape of powdery mildew.

Is love the color of a blooming red rose in the summer-time?

Is love the thick color of a droplet of the crimson blood?

Is love like the glimmer of hope in the full sunshine?

Or is love a bud grown in the mud with your lifeblood?

What is love if not a gallantly of a crimson red rose?

Or is love a rose blown in the winter snow and tossed with the full woes of being too close?

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