The Life of A Teenage Girl

This is just me doing poems when I have nothing better to write and I have something that I would like to get off of my mind and onto paper. This might go down at some point or it might stay up until I hit 100. I don't know. But until than Just enjoy getting closer to my soul through words that are o the computer.


4. What If ...

My sister wrote this. So if it does not seem like something I would write that is why. This might be my sisters poem but it struck a string for me because some of the things she says have happened to me as well.


What if my parents never hooked up and had me?

What if the doctor just let me die?

What if I never had a lisp?

What if I never got bullied in 3rd grade and up?

What if I never had to read ahead in a textbook to make sure there was no s's, x's, or Z's?

What if I never got called a "fat worthless bicth" "Mutated whore" or a "Skank whore"?

What if I never looked in a mirror?

What if I never thought starving myself was the answer?

What if the size of my clothes never mattered?

What if I never thought about dragging a blade up my arm and taking the pain away?

What if I never got cat-called when I was trying to walk home from school?

What if that creepy old man did grab me and shove me in his car?

What if I never got told I had Anxiety, Panic attacks, and depression in one day?

What if I never skipped school to avoid the loneliness?

What if my parents never tried to get me to take meds?

What if my boyfriend told me to take them?

What if the doctor never got me to breathe ... 

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