The human

Hi I'm, let's just say I'm a lot of people. I've been known as poor little Bell, rich popstar Luna, and many others. I'm a special hybrid and have been alive for the longest time. Let's just say I'm an original, with my siblings. I'm also an agent. I have every guy after me, but one human caught my eye. This is going to end badly. Let's start from the beginning.


3. More boring characters

       The boy I stupidly fall for. Stupid me.

    One of my blue besties.

      My other blue bestie (they are dating)

     He is beautiful and my current bi bestie.

     He is the loud one in are friendship of the group. He is so loud and funny. Loud bestie.

     He is my emo bestie, so quite. Well that's all of them, I think, well bye.

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