The human

Hi I'm, let's just say I'm a lot of people. I've been known as poor little Bell, rich popstar Luna, and many others. I'm a special hybrid and have been alive for the longest time. Let's just say I'm an original, with my siblings. I'm also an agent. I have every guy after me, but one human caught my eye. This is going to end badly. Let's start from the beginning.


1. Introductions

        Hi I'm Luna Mikaelson, I have siblings, and I'm 16. I am also a Hybrid, but a special one. I'm a witch, werewolf, vampire, shifter, and petty much everything else. I'm better than my brother, but the scary thing is I'm very much like him. I'm an Original, my brother Klaus stabbed me in the back right when I drank the blood and turned. I've been in a coffin forever. We will see how he likes me when I get out. No one knows I'm a hybrid, but that is Klaus's fault Well, bye my siblings and everyone else will be in the next chapter.



                Hey, sorry for a boring chapter. I feel like I'm getting better at writing though, so good luck to me. Enjoy reading and don't be afraid to comment even if it's mean. Like, Favorite, and Comment :)

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