The human

Hi I'm, let's just say I'm a lot of people. I've been known as poor little Bell, rich popstar Luna, and many others. I'm a special hybrid and have been alive for the longest time. Let's just say I'm an original, with my siblings. I'm also an agent. I have every guy after me, but one human caught my eye. This is going to end badly. Let's start from the beginning.


5. I'm a hybrid Klaus



          Oh he was angry, huh? I got the same look on my face. He then got a look of surprise and stopped walking towards me. I rose my eyebrow. "Are you.."


     "Yes I'm a hybrid. I'm your full blood sister, not half. Anyway's I'm a lot more powerful than you. See," I try and use my invisibility power, but instead a wall started to come down fast and was about to crush Damon. Not that I mind, but Klaus will. So I rush over to the wall, jump and push it back, just to have it fall onto the ground on the outside. "Sorry, still getting use to my powers." I smile sheepishly. "Well that just happened, but we need to get her some new clothes so she can fit in. Then get her signed up for school. And I know you don't want that, but we made a deal. She lives with me and Stefan and lives like a normal teen that will never outgrow looking 16." Damon said. "Shopping should be fun. Let's go." I say excited.




   Hey so I know this chapter is short, but I promise I will try and make the next one longer. Well see you later. Favorite, like, and comment.

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