The human

Hi I'm, let's just say I'm a lot of people. I've been known as poor little Bell, rich popstar Luna, and many others. I'm a special hybrid and have been alive for the longest time. Let's just say I'm an original, with my siblings. I'm also an agent. I have every guy after me, but one human caught my eye. This is going to end badly. Let's start from the beginning.


4. Awakened


      I sat up as the sun burned into my eyes. Where am I? Ugh, I'm so thirsty. "Hello is anyone there?" I call out. I hear footsteps to my right so I start to walk in that direction. "Hello miss, you can't be on her." Some dude in a uniform said. "I woke up here, 2 I don't care, and 3 I'm hungry," I smile before going to suck the blood from him. I finished and felt satisfied. I walk back to where I was originally and lay in the coffin, my brother will get a kick out of this.

    Like 2 hours later I her the coffin lid open. "Come on sis, wake up, I have someone I want you to meet." I hear my brother, Klaus, say. "Hey look over there her meal has been killed," An unfamiliar voice announced to my brother. I felt him sigh as he had a hand on my face. I got picked up only to be placed in someone else's arms, I breathed in a breath and figured out it was a vampire. "Looks like she might wake up. To bad she's part of your family she's hot." The voice says while trying to get me to go a certain way so he can hold me better. "Don't say that about my youngest sister Da-" He was cut off by me jumping and leaping out of the stranger's arm because I felt the stranger's hand start to go towards my butt. "mon" He finished looking at me weirdly. "Hi" I say coldly. "Man her voice is even hot!" Damon, now that I heard the rest, said. "You bastard, you tried to touch my butt!" I yell at him. "You were awake the whole time. Doing a Rebecca on me, though she was just hiding." Klaus says with a mad look in his eyes. "Do I have to teach her to respect me like everyone else or is my little baby sister who is weak and lonely going to do it by herself." He taunted me. "You mean get them all scared by you, that they do whatever you want them to?" Damon ask sarcastically. "I know you are like the person you are, but shut up!" Klaus yelled, then he started walking and he looked like this.

     Oh he was angry, huh? I got the same look on my face. He then got a look of surprise and stopped walking towards me. I rose my eyebrow. "Are you.."



     Well hello people of the world. First official chapter. So what is she, seriously what is she? I don't even know, how about...she is the ULTIMATE PRINCESS HYBRID and she may love who ever she wants to. She will be going to school in the next chapter, fun. Never mind. So I will try to update every weekend and Wednesday, if I forgot, just comment and tell me to get with it. Okay and..Oh before I forget also every friday, like today. Hope you have a good rainy day, love ya. Comment, like, favorite, or whatever you like.

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