Child begging

I use to live with my friends, with my best friend, Emilian. Sure, we weren't in the best conditions, but at least we were together. Not anymore.


1. prologue

Prologue - The End of the beginning.

They came in the middle of the night, raiding five homes. Emilian was lying next to me when we heard them. Clattering around outside and then bursting in flooding the single room with a blindingly bright flashlight. We flung our arms over our eyes to shield them from the glare. In our moment of weakness they grabbed at me. Screaming, they dragged me from my home. I heard Emilian shout and then something make contact with ground. I could tell without looking that he was on the floor. But I looked anyway, he lay unconscious on the ground in a twisted position. I screamed again, but this time the men were ready. The last thing I remember was a sharp pain on the side of my head before everything went dark.

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