Star Wars: The Conflict

A AU where Yavin IV was destroyed and Luke, along with Han embark on a Journey like never before....


1. Prologue

"I felt it, the force flowing through this world, as it was under attack by the Galactic Empire, Now since the Rebellion had been destroyed, those last moments of Princess Leia and the rest, The Death Star may have succeeded in destroying Yavin IV and Luke being hunted down by them, only Han and Luke are left now but I-I'm not known to them probably for the best"

As he let himself walk down into the war torn Planet, dozens of people murdered in cold blood, Thrawn...he's still alive after a close attempt of his demise he retreated only to come back full force killing Rebels Sabine, Kanan, Hera, and Zeb. Ezra, a teenaged boy turned too the dark side cause of this branding his name, Starkiller..I you could say am a hidden force sensitive being but then again everybody is. My name is Traxen, and I am heading to the Imperial Outpost for revenge!" Traxen had said,

He walked with a smirk knowing what he is about to do, he shot them with his blaster as he quickly gripped one of the Stormtroopers and smashing him into the ground breaking his back, as he finished him off five other Stormtroopers backed away seeing he can use the force, "Get the Force-Troopers!" A Stormtrooper cried out in fear, "I don't think so" Traxen said as he quickly snapped his neck with the force.


And gripped the other trooper and pushed him miles away too his doom,

As he took out a staff and hit him with it, "I might not have a Lightsaber but I am skilled with staffs!" He said as he knocked him down into the ground, pulling out his Blaster and finishing him off, as the Force-Troopers came out, "Great, them!" Traxen said as he jumped into the air dodging a swift Saber attack,

"We are force sensitive too don't think you're the only one!" One of the Force-Troopers shouted as he gripped him and pushed him into the ground, "AGH!" He grunted falling into the ground, "We were created by Grand Admiral Thrawn!" He continued as the others scouted to see if anyone else were there, Han and Luke had went into hyperspace after a near death battle happened to them,

"We can't do this alone Han!" Luke Skywalker told him, "I know kid! But what do you want me to do about it? My best friend has been captured by the empire most likely dead! The Rebellion had been swept away and we are the only ones that are against them!" Han replied, "Then we find somebody!" Luke replied hesitantly, "Yeah kid sure we will"

Han replied annoyed. Traxen evaded most of the attacks from them but he only went against one of them what could would he do against three of them all together, He used his staff and blaster attacking them but due to the plasma in the Lightsaber it eventually broke his staff due to it being plasma, Traxen backed away holding his Blaster, "Next time you see a group of Rebels, don't go to them, The Rebellion is dead!" The Forcetrooper said swiftly, "Nonetheless I'm not retreating not now!" Traxen said with a angered face, The Forcetroopers looked as if they knew he were going to say that.


Han and Luke had gotten out into a System the question is will they defeat the Empire or ultimately meet there defeat and perish at the hands of Lord Vader. Traxen had killed one Forcetrooper until he was stabbed by a Lightsaber blade, shocked to see he was impaled the trooper had pushed his body threw the end of the saber as he took his staff and jammed it through him too. Traxen looked as the World is now gone, everything he did is now worthless as he fell too the ground, dead. "Take the body and dispose of it, within the next day this planet will now perish like the people who inhabited it." The Forcetrooper told the one, "Yes sir!" He replied picking the body up, "These Rebel's will meet there fate like the others" The Forcetrooper said.


"Look!" Luke shouted, "What?" Han replied, "There's a planet up ahead!" Luke replied, " will go to the Dagobah System there you will find Master Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed me.." Ben Kenobi said through the Force. "Wait, Han they think we are dead right?" Luke told him, "Yes when they captured Chewbacca they thought we were killed while one of the troopers saw a blast near us." Han said curiously, "Well we need to go to the Dagobah System!" Luke replied, "Dagobah?" Han replied confused, "Just trust me" Luke replied, "Alright kid but you better not get us into trouble!" Han said, "Promise it's nowhere near The Empire." Luke replied, as they went to the Dagobah System.


Traxen was killed in a War-Torn planet after choosing not to retreat, Leia and the others that were on the Planet were vaporized into thin air, only survivors consisting of this are, Luke, Han, Chewbacca (Possibly deceased), Wedge Antilles (Deceased killed in his X-Wing by Lord Vader, R2-D2 (the only rebel droid whom survived), sadly Threepio had not...

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