Star Wars: The Conflict

A AU where Yavin IV was destroyed and Luke, along with Han embark on a Journey like never before....


4. Chapter III

Months Later

Luke, fought off the Dark Side mentally as he was was tortured during these months until he gave in, The Rebellion grew stronger as Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and Artoo went to save Luke from Vader, and the Emperor, Leia and Han went across the Galaxy looking for him but too no avail could not find him, until...

"Soon you will be one of us, Young Skywalker" The Emperor said, "I'll never join you even if it mean's I die!" Luke said to The Emperor, "Young Fool.." Emperor replied as he finally gave in and electrocuted him, "AHHH" Luke screamed as he was electrocuted, Leia sensed something it was pain and suffering, "Luke.." Leia said knowing it was him, "What's wrong Leia?" Han asked, "It's Luke, he's in serious danger!" Leia shouted, "Where is he?" Han replied, "It's cold, and..The Death Star.." Leia said, "We won't be able to board the Death Star!" Han said, "Han it's time. Tell Mon Mothma, it's time." Leia told Han, Han turned his head to the Falcon's controls and nodded, "Mothma it's time to attack the Death Star send Lando and a Garrison with him to take the Shields down, you along with Ackbar lead a Space Assault, we, we will save Luke" Han told Mothma, "Ok, Commander Solo" Mothma said.

The Falcon jumped into Hyperspace, Mothma readied the Rebels in a desperate attempt to destroy the Death Star, Lando Calrissian was promoted to Lieutenant and gathered a garrison to attack the Shield Generator of the Death Star, Vader stood watching, as electric bolt's tortured Luke Skywalker, "I've grown tired of this! If you will not be turned then, you will be destroyed!" The Emperor said while giving a evil grin, "AHH" Luke screamed as it became more tense, "The Death Star, it was upgraded..." Han said seeing the Death Star's massive scale than before, Leia fell down, "Leia!" Han shouted, "Luke...he's dying" Leia said, Han gave a furious look and set her on the chair, he used the control's and boarded the Death Star as the Death Star was no shielded as the Falcon became cloaked, Force-Troopers headed out of the doors and went into a offensive stance against the boarded vessel, "Kill anyone who gets out!" One of the Troopers said, the others nodded.

Han instead tricked them by flying far away enough to fire rapid Blasters at the Force-Troopers, "IT WAS A TR-" The Trooper was then silenced as he was blown to piece's, The Falcon landed again after the fire went away, "This end's now" Han said, as he exited with Chewbacca and Leia, Artoo left with them, as Han shot repeated shots at the Trooper's, Luke suddenly saw himself on the edge of death, while The Emperor smiled in satisfaction, "Anakin, Please, This isn't you" A voice hurdled into Anakin/Vader's mind, "Let him die kill the Emperor and then you will rule the Galaxy!" Another more sinister voice hurdled into Anakin/Vader's Mind.

The Rebellion jumped out of hyperspace as Lando and his garrison landed on the planet Dantooine, "Let the Rebels he through but then forward an attack immediately and kill them" Tarkin said, "Yes, Sir!" A soldier replied, "We cannot attack The Death Star with the Shield's up!" Mon Mothma said, Han and the others attacked the Troopers and shot them down, Vader looked at Luke and then the Emperor, "Father, Please!!" Luke cried out as he was being electrocuted to death, "Anakin, I love you, don't do this!" The voice hurdled into Anakin once more as Vader put his head down and quickly ignited the Saber to kill him but. The Emperor saw this and raised his intentions to Vader, "So you turn on me, now you will die with you're son too!" The Emperor said as he sent electric bolts flying at Vader, but he blocked them, "You are the very pain in me!" Vader said, "Hahaha, you cannot stop me!" The Emperor said, Luke got up and gripped his Saber as the both attacked him, Lando and his troops landed on Dantooine, "Everyone follow me!" Lando said, the garrison followed, Force-Troopers arose from the shadows and awaited attack, "Attack that Shield Generator!" Lando shouted but The Force-Troopers came out and attacked them, Lando got out his Blaster and shot one down, "KILL THEM!" They shouted as they attacked the Garrison.

Lando threw a thermal detonator at a group of them blowing them up, Lando quickly attached a Detonator onto the Shield's Generator, The Garrison struggled to fend against the troopers, that is, until Wedge Antilles went in his X-Wing to help Lando and the others, The Troopers after killing most of the garrison were blown away by the rapid blaster bolts that hit them, Lando sighed and quickly infiltrated the inside, Leia felt something even more tense, "Luke's alive but I don't know for how long!" Leia said, "Let's hurry!" Han said, they fended against the horde of troopers going there way, Mothma waited but also attacked incoming vessels that were attacking them, Luke and Vader dueled The Emperor, "You are no match for me! You feeble skills are nothing compared to this Battle Station!" The Emperor said, "Son, we must find a way to distract him and kill him" Vader said, "I'll find a way Father" Luke said as they faced Palpatine, Lando and the others successfully managed to get in but were stopped by the incoming Force-Troopers that remained, Lando, tired of it, punched one down into the ground as he shot them, he pulled the Light-Saber from them and ignited it, striking down the troopers, Lando kept the Saber, as they set it to explode they escaped.

Moments later the Shield's Generator exploded, "Mothma, Shield is down, repeat, down!" Lando said, "Good now let's end this!" Mothma said, Luke and Vader clashed The Emperor for minutes until Luke tried distracting him by jumping on his other side, but was choked by The Emperor and thrown into the ground, The Emperor threw Luke near the entrance to the Throne Room, where The Emperor was about to kill him, he knocked Vader down, "LUKE!" Leia screamed, "Leia don't!" Han yelled, as they entered the Throne Room, Leia ran right where Emperor was about to kill Luke, "NOOOO!!" Luke screamed as the Saber plunged into Leia's chest, "...Luke..." She said softly, Han screamed as he shot his blaster at the Emperor's Side, Chewbacca roared in pain, but Leia was thrown into the ground, where Luke and Vader at the same time plunged there blades threw the Emperor, He saw as the two blades swiftly went through him with ease, "THAT'S FOR LEIA!" Luke yelled as he and Vader threw The Emperor down the abyss where he met his demise, "Leia!" Luke said holding her hand, "Luke, there's something I've got to tell you" Leia said, "Tell me anything" Luke replied, "I found out the truth, Luke, I-I-I am you're...sister..." Leia said, "W-what" Luke said, "I-love you...Han..." Leia said as she turned her head to Han, "I-I love you too Leia.." Han said, Leia died in Luke's arms as Vader fell to his knees upon realizing his daughter he had never known of, had died, "NOOOOOO" Vader screamed crushing every object he saw.

Luke put his head down, "Come on, Father" Luke said as he picked up Leia, Han turned away, as they went into the Falcon to escape, "I'm going into a Tie Fighter I've got to finish this, take, Leia to Dantooine." Luke said the others nodded, as he got into a Tie Fighter The Rebellion attacked The Death Star, Tarkin was in a Super Star Destroyer as they attacked, the Death Star, had a weak spot, and they will be the ones to finish it, The Millennium Falcon departed to Dantooine, as Luke begun a trench run.

Wedge along with a few others went with him, to destroy the Death Star, Luke shot Rapid Blasters at coming fighters, Luke was successful at hitting the torpedoes into the main thing holding the Death Star as it fell they fled, The Super Star Destroyer, Tarkin was in fell into the Death Star as they jumped into Hyperspace, "Look!" Han said, "We got to leave it's not safe here!" Lando said, as the survivors and Vader went in the Falcon and left the debris from the Death Star had fallen into the Planet's surface, Luke saw the Falcon leave and was relieved, "Han, I'm going to Alderaan, that's what Leia would want to be at." Luke said, "Ok, Luke we'll meet you there" Han replied with a still lowered voice, they jumped into Hyperspace as the Death Star blew up completely all debris landed into Dantooine, any life on the planet now will be extinct.

They arrived on Alderaan, Leia was given a funeral where she was later cremated, Vader turned to the Light-Side once more, Luke became a Jedi Master as Han lived a rather sad life until he repelled himself, Chewbacca along with Artoo became close friend's, The Rebellion led as the New Republic, Jabba whom was never heard of was killed while Han was captured, Leia saved him and in the end Jabba fell, as they were searching for Luke. Lando had a unique interest in the Saber he took and wanted to learn how to use it, Luke & Vader rebuilt the New Jedi as The Galaxy was it's said a new threat arises but will this threat be worse than the Galactic Empire?....

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