Star Wars: The Conflict

A AU where Yavin IV was destroyed and Luke, along with Han embark on a Journey like never before....


2. Chapter I

Luke, Artoo, and Han Solo landed on the planet, Dagobah, Seeing moist and swamps they looked cautious of the planets terrain and such but they landed nonetheless, They exited the Falcon and looked around the place, Trees, Creatures and moisture everywhere it looked dark almost 24/7 but they shrugged it off, they walked for what it seemed forever until they saw a small hut ahead, they went too it.

Seeing a small figure, "Time it is, train you we must, Grave danger the Galaxy is in." The figure said, "Who are you?" Luke said cluelessly, "xxxeeewww" R2 made noise as he said it, "Yoda I am, train you i must!" Yoda said with no hesitation, "You're Yoda!?" Luke said shocked to have seen him quickly, "So kid this is you're new master?" Han said

Judging about Yoda and everything. "Yes he is my new master, I won't fail you master I'm not afraid!" Luke said, "Afraid you will be...come train you I must, you're friend, away he must be." Yoda said, "I understand, kid be careful I'll be in the Falcon for awhile" Han said without a doubt.

"You must feel the force around you, life creates it makes it grow" Yoda told Luke, Luke knew he must become a Jedi now, more than ever, listening to each word he says without question without any doubt he listened, "I understand Master" Luke said as he picked him up and started running freely, "Yes, yes good!" Yoda said as Luke was running across the moist ground and jumping onto trees with no problems, as he felt the Force flow through him, Luke did a flip onto the ground as he continued running, Luke stopped after almost twenty minutes of running, "Off to a good start you are!" Yoda said, "Thank you master" Luke said panting due to the running.

Han was in the Falcon, "While he's training with him I'll be taking matters into my own hands, I can't take it anymore Chewy needs my help and I'm going after him!" Han exclaimed as he started the engines, "Artoo stay with Luke" Han said, "Beeww" R2 said as he got out of the Falcon, Han had took off with the Falcon as he left Dagobah, "sorry Luke, I have too, I'll come back for you i promise" Han said.

Luke finished his first hour of training as Yoda knew this was gonna take awhile,

R2 went back to Luke, As days passed Luke's ability in the force has increased drastically, "Good Padawan you have been" Yoda complimented him, "Thank you Master" Luke replied, As he felt a good feeling, "I feel something cold" Luke said, "Go in you must" Yoda told Luke, Luke began walking to the cold feeling, "You're weapons, you will not need them" Yoda said, Luke dropped his weapons in response, Yoda relieved of Luke listening, Luke got down it got colder as he walked he saw Vader, He walked back slowly seeing him holding a crimson red light-saber he had trust in Yoda's teaching, "Vader couldn't have found us it can't be him" he thought to himself, he exhaled as he closed his eyes Vader swung his Lightsaber threw Luke only for it to be an illusion, Vader was defeated by the sight of courage and fearlessness from Luke, Yoda sat on a log smiling as he felt he didn't fail, R2 went to Yoda and was next to him.

Han Solo arrived to Chewbacca's last appearance, "I'm gonna get you back buddy I promise!" Han said swiftly, getting out of his chair and getting out, it was heavily guarded by Troops, Han had to use the alternative and sneak past them, he was fearless he knew he had to do one thing save his best friend no matter what it takes even if it means sacrificing himself. Han had to knock out troopers a few times as Troopers noticed him, but he had to be quiet, he kicked him and hit him in the head with his elbow, having to go into a prison cell he infiltrated it he was doing good until Troopers saw the bodies and alerted the Prison, Han had to run and find him knowing he isn't dead, he shot down Troopers heading towards him, "CHEWY!!" Han yelled, "RAWWRGH" a voice was called out by Han,

"Chewbacca!" Han said faithfully, he saw him tied up a lot of bruises on the poor Wookiee, "Who did this!" Han yelled, "RAWRGH" Chewbacca said, "They all did? Don't worry I have an idea but first things first I'm gonna get you out of here!" Han told him, He released the chains on him and helped him out he saw Troopers surrounding him, "Great how am I gonna get out of this!" Han thought, "Freeze or you'll die!" A Stormtrooper said, "I'm not gonna die like this!" Han thought as he had to have a distraction, he quickly drew his Blaster at a cell and got out of the way as they started shooting, the cell was open and the prisoner put up a fight with them, Han set Chewbacca down and started shooting at all the other cells, letting them out, as he was saved by the growing March of prisoners, The Stormtroopers were out down by them as Han shot the other remaining Troopers, he went back to Chewbacca and picked him up, "Thank you" a prisoner said, "sorry dorm of you died, "it's ok we'll take care of the rest" one of them said, "no you'll die I have a idea but you have to get at least far enough from here ok?" Han said, "Ok" One of them finally said, as he and them escaped the Prison.

"Failed you have not" Yoda told Luke as he returned picking up his weapons, "What other training is there Master Yoda?" Luke replied, "Pick me up you must the final trials for you begin." Yoda said, Luke nodded, as they continued his training.

Han carried Chewbacca with the Prisoners escaping, they shot down the troopers but dozens more were behind them, they got out, and Han with Chewy entered the Falcon, as the Prisoners kept running, "Gotta fly this away from the ground!" Han said, "Now to set it on Auto-Pilot!" Han continued, as he went to the gunner, he aimed at the prison and shot at it, The prisoners looked in relief as they were blown up, "This is for Chewbacca!!" Han shouted as he shot down the Prison all the troopers died, the prisoners looked at the Falcon and waved at Han, he smirked as he went back to pilot the Falcon, Chewbacca sat on the Bed, "Hold on Chewy gotta go into Hyperspace!" Han said as he flew parsec's away from the Planet, "Ok Chewy I'll try putting something in for you!" Han said as he helped Chewbacca as they went back to Dagobah, "We should be there in a well 150 hours!" Han said.

Yoda trained Luke to focus despite how large a object is no matter how big a object is you can use the force to move it, Luke has gotten extremely powerful in the Force and during these six days Luke almost neared the end of his training, Han told Luke everything and he did leave him, he worried about him during these days of training, Luke was glad Chewbacca was back, Han stayed waiting for him to be done with his training, The final week passed and Luke finished, "Strong enough you are to conquer the Empire, fail you will not" Yoda told him, "You really think I can conquer them?" Luke replied, "Trust I do that you will" Yoda said.

Luke nodded, "I promise I'll return" Luke told him, as he left with Han and the others, "Kid you made me believe in the Force which honestly is a long shot for most, thank you for believing in me through this whole thing" Han said, "I thank you too Han losing Leia broke me sure we met but it felt like..we were close...related.." Luke said. "I know how you feel let's go, Luke" Han said, as they left Dagobah, "That boy is our only hope" Kenobi said, "No..there is another" Yoda said, Kenobi looked confused as Leia was killed.

"I got to get a few things Han" Luke said, "What?" Han replied, "Jedi Robes and a Datacron" Luke replied. "Ok? Where are they?" Han said confused, "...Dantooine" Luke told Han.

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