Star Wars: Impossible Discovery

A group of survivors must go on a journey where they meet there destinies and secrets that behold a undiscovered Planet.


4. Chapter III

Fray and Melicia saw the ocean in front of them, "It feels like we are in a different world.." Melicia said, "Come on we have to get the others" Fray replied, as they ran threw the sand, They saw the creatures heading to a secret location as they ran as fast as they could. "We gotta get away!" N'agra said, "I know!" Haze replied, as they tried getting free, Fray and Melicia went into the mountains climbing it, "We don't have much time!" Melicia said, "I know!!" Fray replied.

Haze and N'agra were dropped on top of the mountain, "Whe-where are we?" Haze said, "I don't know but wherever we are it's the highest of this world!" N'agra replied, as the Creatures landed,

Fray climbed as fast as he could, "AH!" Melicia screamed as she lost balance, "HOLD ON!" Fray shouted as he quickly grabbed her hand helping her up, "Thank you" Melicia said in relief, "You're welcome" Fray replied as they kept climbing, "What do you want with us!?" N'agra shouted, "We are sick of these so called Survivors going into our world!" A voice spoke out. Fray and Melicia kept climbing until they finally reached the top then they saw them, "I am the person who fell on this planet I understood these creatures and swore to kill anyone who dares trespass on this Planet!" The Person said, "We didn't want this.." Haze said, "Shut up!" He shouted as he punched him, "Oh my god…" Fray said, Melicia got up and hid behind a large rock, Fray did the same.

Melicia got out trying to free N'agra but was quickly taken by the creature Fray looked seeing her being held to the ground, Fray inhaled and exhaled as he darted out with his Vibrosword slicing the Creature's arm, The Survivor held as Spear to Melicia, "Prepare to say goodbye to her!" He said, as he raised the spear, Melicia closed her eyes looking to the ground, Fray was overwhelmed by the creatures as he yelled, N'agra broke free of his chains and got in the way, Melicia opened her eyes to see N'agra in front of her, A Large spear right through him, "NOOO!!" Melicia screamed, Fray swiftly got the creatures away and jumped onto the Person, "N'AGRA!" Haze yelled, Melicia saw N'agra fall to the ground, "I was a warrior! I lost people too! I crossed people! You should feel the same pain I feel!" He said, "No we shouldn't, you're a monster who needs to die!" Fray replied punching him, but was thrown into the ground as he left with the creatures, Melicia kneeled down and held N'agra, "I saved sister" N'agra said, "Don't die on me! You're all I have left.." Melicia said, "You're not alone sister you have...them..." N'agra said, as she held his hand, as N'agra lost his will to live his hand fell to the ground, "AH-AHHHH" Melicia screamed, she got up and went to the edge of the mountain, "COME BACK COME BACK!!" She shouted as loud as she possibly could, Fray looked away as he tightened his fist, "We lost him…but we are gonna track him down and out a sword threw his HEART!" Fray said, Melicia went to Fray.

"Hold me" Melicia said, Fray opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around her,

Haze stood there shocked and angry, "Let's go Melicia" Fray said, as he gently took her hands, "Here is my old necklace i was given to by my Mother, it brings you good luck" Fray said, Melicia smiled as she took it and wore it, "We end this this entire time we been here these creatures were controlled by this person!" Haze said, The three left as N'agra was left behind. Fray, Melicia and Haze walked after leaving the mountain, and searched for him, Fray held his sword firmly as they walked into the jungle once more, "Creatures! I hear by order you to kill and brig me the corpses of the remaining survivors!" He told the Creatures, as they flew to them, "What's that sound..." Fray said cautiously, The creatures appeared from the skies and flying down to kill them, "MOVE!" Fray shouted as he pushed Melicia out of harms way, Haze used Fray's old weapon against them, Melicia saw Fray protecting her with all his strength, "Fray watch out!" Melicia said as another creature tried attacking him, It was cold and dark as it was night.

Fray kicked the other creature from behind using his Vibrosword, and jumped onto a tree and on a creature, "Enough!" Fray shouted, "You are being controlled against you're will!. Tonight, we are the Ruling!, I am the Ruling!" Fray said as the Creatures listened to Fray, "You are all slaves to this beast and only until we kill him shall you be free of this slavery!" Fray shouted as the Creatures kneeled down, Melicia and Haze looked utter shocked as the Creatures listened and corresponded to him, The Creatures put there heads down allowing Haze and Melicia to get on, The Creatures flew back, "Back already? Those beasts finally did something right!" He said, as he saw them approaching him, "What!?" He said seeing the others on them, The Creatures tried attacking him, but was soon choked by him, "He's a SITH!" Melicia said shocked, Haze and the Creature attacked the now revealed Sith, "AHH!" He screamed in anger as he choked the other two, Fray quickly leapt out of the creatures back and onto the Sith, "You DARE!?" He said while he kicked Fray while saving the creatures lives in the process.

Haze dashed towards The Sith with the creature helping, Fray punched the Soth in the jaw and kicked him, he grabbed his sword and swiftly sliced his face, "AGHHH" The Sith screamed as he choked Fray violently, "FRAY!" Melicia shouted as she charged against the Sith, Haze managed to get the Sith by surprise and hit him in the leg with Fray's old weapon, Fray tried getting free but he was too strong, Melicia in hatred slashed the Sith's eye with a Vibrosword, "THAT'S FOR MY BROTHER!" She shouted. The Sith choked the two of them as Haze was the only one left to get him, he told the Creatures to leave, as he jumped on the Sith, he used the Vibrosword and tried hitting him with it the Sith managed to throw him off and stabbed him in the leg, The Creatures came back and took him into the air relaxing Fray and Melicia from a chokehold, Haze was wounded in the leg but his plan worked, The Sith killed one of the creatures by crushing the creature and decapitating it, the Creatures furious pushed his neck too far forcing it to snap, as he fell into the ground, "I've been waiting for this.." Melicia said as she walked taking her Sword, "Ahh-Haha..." The Sith started laughing frantically, "Why is he laughing!?" Haze said, "You all will die sooner or me...I'm gonna die in moments..." The Sith said, "Well I'll make it faster!" Melicia said as she took his shirtless body up and pushed his neck further until it snapped completely.

Melicia fell on her knees, "You did the right thing Melicia, "Did I? It won't bring him back.." Melicia said, Fray pulled her up on her knees and removed his mask and hers and kissed her, "It was worth it." Fray replied, "I.." Melicia stopped, "Love..." Melicia continued, "You" Melicia finished, "I love you too Melicia" Fray replied almost immediately, One of the Creatures were dead on the ground it's Skull was shown everything, "Let this be a new day...mourn those who died and let there be a new" Fray said walking to the dead creature, Tge Creatures spoke in a language, "I know what there saying" Haze said, "What is it?" Melicia replied, "There a species known as the Mythosaur" Haze said, Fray heard and as he did picked up the skull, "In honor of this Mythosaur it shall be remembered along with this species as something new" Fray said, "What is it?" Melicia asked, "This, us shall be called...The Mandalorian's!" Fray spoke out, Melicia smiled, as Haze stood there firmly, "Though we are the only ones now, there will be more we can rebuild be better than we once originally were in the beginning." Fray said, The Creatures spoke again, "They said, they thank you for the Honor and will gladly allow us to live here, and the Sith has a ship that didn't crash" Haze said, Fray bowed before them, "Then our journey, the Journey of the Mandalorian's begins..." Fray said, as Melicia quickly went up and kissed him he kissed back as they watched the Dawn come.

I hope you enjoyed this story I might do a sequel but. I don't know this is a better end, right?. Anyways thanks for reading this I really am happy for this. 😄

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