Star Wars: Impossible Discovery

A group of survivors must go on a journey where they meet there destinies and secrets that behold a undiscovered Planet.


3. Chapter II

N'agra and Haze were silent seeing Oliver's lifeless body, N'agra got up on his knees and exhaled as Haze turned his head away, "We have to leave there's nothing here now..." N'agra said, "..What do we do with him?" Haze replied, "We'll dig a hole and put him in there that's all we can do, They failed saving him we lost a friend" N'agra told Haze as he was furious at the two, they picked up Oliver's body and left the building.

Fray looked lifeless as Melicia tried getting him up, "FRAY!" She screamed,

Fray was in a deep state of unconsciousness, "Where am I?" Fray said while he was dreaming, "A new life begins for you Fray, I know you will do good but listen, when you wake back up its the only way I'll be able to save you next time you will die." A voice told him, "Who are you?" Fray asked, "Someone close to you" The voice said as he awoke from the dream and saw Melicia, "Fray!" Melicia said relieved, "Oliver!!" Fray let out remembering, "Oh my god we've been gone to long!" Melicia said,

"We're sorry, we failed you Oliver but we won't fail again, we promise" N'agra said,

Haze realized how close they were but never knew about it. N'agra covered the hole and left finding the other two, Haze went along, "We failed..." Fray said.

"We got to go back!" Melicia replied, as Fray nodded he got the stuff to make Bacta and headed back, N'agra went to find them as they were heading back,

Twenty minutes later they ran into each-other, "N'agra?...where's Oliver?" Melicia asked, "He's dead while you two were getting close together Oliver died!" N'agra said, Fray quickly punched the tree, "We were not getting together, we ran into one of those creatures!" Fray said, "Look...we went to get the stuff then Fray almost died saving me from them" Melicia told N'agra, "I'm done...I can't do this if you failed Oliver then you failed us and that I cannot tolerate" N'agra said, "It's too dangerous out there are you crazy!" Melicia yelled at him.

"What's the point I'm gonna die anyways by being on a Planet that is infested with Creatures that kill us!" N'agra shouted, as he stormed off, "N'agra wait there's something you need to know.." Melicia said, he stopped walking, "...What?" N'agra asked, "Look you're last name is Val, well...twenty five years ago I was born my Parents originally were killed in a Battle since i became a're parents took me in though they never told you or you knew about me everyday they kept me a secret for unknown reasons I couldn't keep this a secret anymore I had to tell you" Melicia told him, Fray and Haze both were shocked, "W-what?" N'agra said, "Look we may not be blood tied but..I am you're adopted sister" Melicia let out, "I-I can't believe this.." N'agra said, "All those times I tried protecting you since we crashed here" Melicia replied, Haze stood in the shadows hearing of this.

"Sister or not..I'm leaving" N'agra said, Melicia put her head down, Haze not knowing where to go left with N'agra, "We're split now..." Melicia said, "I'm sorry Melicia, "Let's go we can't stop them from leaving its there choice" Melicia replied. As the two left Fray and Melicia, "What do we do we left them" Haze asked, "We can live on our own we have his weapons we can use that for defense" N'agra told Haze, Fray walked for hours along with Melicia as they had to find a place to sleep, After searching they found a place and stayed there, "We are on our own for now but since we have the time we can build, make things better" Fray said, "What are implying?" Melicia asked, Fray looked upon the jungle as they were in a cave far above from the jungle, "I'm implying a new beginning is here" Fray said.

"What about my brother and Haze and the Star Forge!?" Melicia said, "I'm sure by now Republic forces has formed a land to destroy it with our absence.

"So we just hide?" Melicia said, "Not exactly..." Fray replied, Haze and N'agra begun there journey surviving the creatures as Fray had something else planned, Fray with the time he was given built a table made out of rocks and built a fire pit where he can forge, Melicia watched as he built it, using his arms and hands to build it, he left for a bit getting food and water for Melicia and getting supplies, while she watched Fray built armor taking no break he built chest plates, using fabric and others, Making a powerful armor, a week later N'agra and Haze got into a friendship as they defeated creatures that came after them, as Fray finished building Armor's Vibrosword's and Masks. After several times of forging and little sleep Fray had to take a break, Melicia smiled as she saw the armor, Fray gotten almost twenty hours of sleep, Melicia was sound asleep on him, he smiled, as he laid there letting her sleep, she got up moments later as she sat down, "The Armor is finished and so is the weapons" Fray said.

"I never knew how good you were at forging" Melicia said, "I was taught by my father" Fray replied, "Can you answer my question from earlier?" Mellcia asked, "Yes I'll tell you" Fray said, "Seeing war right in front of me and my family, seeing them struggle from the chaos of the Sith, then they took us into there ship, seeing them cry in pain as they were tortured no stop to it, I was tortured too they begged them not to but they did I received permanent marks everywhere as my parents later were killed by a Sith in front of me angry I broke free of the chains I was held in despite the blood that came out I quickly jumped onto the Sith grabbing his Vibroblade, then pushed the blade into his throat, before my Parents died they saw me and...died" Fray told her, "Oh my god..I'm so sorry" Melicia said, "Well...let's try this armor on" Fray said,

Mellcia felt terrible for asking and regretted it.

Fray put the armor on it had red lines across the Armor and blue all around it, then the Mask which concealed his face it was the same pattern on the armor, "Well we should be protected far better from any hostile life form, "Here's one for you Melicia, She saw pink and red all around it, "I love it!" Melicia said, Fray smiled in his mask, "I'm not like the whole mask showing the visor maybe I should Change it" Fray said as he set the masks on the table and modified it to a T-Visor and added adjustments to it as well, "There" Fray said, as he put it back on, Melicia ran towards him and took off his mask kissing him, Fray was shocked by the kiss, "Let's go and find the survivor and leave this place!" Melicia said with hopefulness, Fray smirked as he grabbed the weapons and they left.

Haze and N'agra after more than a week alone were eventually outmatched by a Hostile Creature more powerful and more chaotic, it swiftly took the both of them leaving noting behind, As Fray and Melicia walked they saw a creature with two persons, "Wait...THAT'S THEM!" Melicia shouted, "Let's go!" Fray said as the both ran as fast as they could after running for ten minutes they noticed the trees were getting less and less appearing, "Where are we now?" Melicia said, "We are in...the other side of the Planet, they tripped on a large branch and fell into the ground, they noticed sand was surrounds them, "How could a Planet be half forest and half beach?" Melicia questioned, "Maybe cause we are near the end of finding this survivor but first we need to save the other two..." Fray said, as they got up seeing a ocean and sand...

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