Star Wars: Impossible Discovery

A group of survivors must go on a journey where they meet there destinies and secrets that behold a undiscovered Planet.


2. Chapter I

Fray and the others walked into a Jungle where they saw trees above them, and sounds from across the Jungle, "We aren't the only ones here" Haze said, "We stick together we don't split up" Fray said, as they went through the forest, "So how are we gonna gather material for Armor?" Melicia questioned, "First we need to get food and water as we lost it due to the attack." Fray replied, "And second?" Melicia said, "We get what we need for the Armor" Fray replied, as they exited the Jungle, "Watch out!" F'agra yelled, as a Creature

Came up and attacked Oliver, Oliver used his blaster and shot at it, but the creature before running away bit him hard, "AHH" Oliver screamed as it was very deep, "Oh my god!" Melicia shouted seeing Oliver fell into the large grass, "Hang in there!" Fray said as he helped Oliver up.

Oliver bled as Haze tried pulling him up, "We should have payed attention to the ground!" Melicia shouted, "Anywhere we go its dangerous Melicia, this would've happened no matter what we did!" Fray told her, Melicia remained silent as the others helped Oliver, "We need to get him to safety" Fray said, "Agreed" F'agra said, as they walked to a safe ground while holding Oliver, They walked for so long until they found a place to go to, "Look it looks like an abandoned building!" N'agra said, "A building here? Someone was indefinitely here" Fray let out, They walked to the abandoned building and set Oliver down inside, "No creatures seemed to have been in here, and no sign of any life here too" Melicia said, "Strange" Haze said, as Oliver was severely injured he began to close his eyes, "Is he dead!?" Melicia asked, "..No his heartbeat is still going but we better make something to heal the wound it's very deep whatever bit him, it has very sharp teeth" Fray said.

"Where do we find something to heal the wound?" N'agra asked, "If I remember correctly we would have to make Bacta, with the resources on this Planet..we should" Melicia said, "Good, I need someone to go with and Melicia since you know about medicine, you should go with me" Fray said, "We can't leave them!" Melicia replied, "Look don't worry" Fray said as he tossed his weapon at F'agra and Haze, "Don't worry Melicia we'll be fine" Haze said, "Fine..lets go" Melicia said with a tone of disapproval, Melicia and Fray headed out, "We need to get Food and Water" N'agra told Haze, "But it's to dangerous" Haze replied, "Well if we don't we'll be digging our own graves" N'agra told him, "We can't leave him!" Haze said, "..I know which is why I must go alone" F'agra said, "Are you crazy!?" Haze said,

"I'll be fine you need to be careful and watchful I hopefully won't be too long if I'm not back..I probably got chewed by one of the creatures" N'agra said as he left. "Do you have any weapons?" Melicia asked, "I'll be fine" Fray replied, "If you're trying to impress me I don't want you to die!" Melicia replied, "It'll be ok" Fray told her as they walked back into the Jungle's, they walked looking past the Building and not looking back, F'agra held Fray's weapon looking around cautiously, but with no sign of any life he decided to let his guard down to quickly grab some food and water,

"I hope they find whatever it is to make the Bacta and save Oliver" N'agra thought, as he finished gathering the food and water. Oliver went into deep sleep as the wound was getting worse, "Oh my god" Haze said seeing Oliver's wound becoming worse, "Please hurry Fray and Melicia" Haze said, as he got up and walked to look around the building, "Whoever had the time to build this is very good" Haze thought, N'agra on his way back heard a screech, "Not again" N'agra thought as he went into defense, then the creature attacked him, "You're not getting me this time!" N'agra said as he slammed the Vibrosword into the creature, "The sound loud and painful" N'agra said as the creature let out a painful screech. "I'm sorry but you left me no choice!" N'agra told the creature as he fell 20 ft in the air, "AGH!" N'agra grunted as fell into the dirt, The Creature fled as N'agra got the food and water again and returned, "So what made you who you are?" Melicia asked, "I don't want to talk about it" Fray said, "Fine" she said with a frustrated tone, they continued walking but eventually stopped to get water, "Too tired" Melicia said while she panted, Fray and Melicia went to get water from a nearby lake, "How do you go that far without even needing a drink!?" Melicia said, "Just something I have" Fray remarked, "Well I wish I had that" Melicia replied while smiling, Fray looked back and smiled.

N'agra went into the building again and saw Haze sitting next to Oliver, "Here's some food and water to keep us hydrated and alert" N'agra said as he set the food down, "Oliver isn't doing well..."

Haze said as N'agra lowered his head down, "O-Oliver" a voice cried out, "Sis is that you?" Oliver said, "Yes it is" His sister replied, "How..." Oliver questioned, "Remember I got out alive of course I wouldn't leave my big brother behind" She said, "I wouldn't have left you either sister" Oliver said,

Fray and Melicia searched for the supplies, "If I'm correct taking some of the tree bark a leaf some water and a piece of flesh from a specific creature which...I don't believe is here" Melicia said as she realized it. "We'll make due don't worry" Fray said as he got Melicia's sword and sliced some of a tree bark and got the leafs, he went and grabbed water from the lake, "Ok I put the bark leafs and water into the container" Fray said, "Good" Melicia replied, as they began heading back, over ten minutes passed and without warning a creature appeared from the sky and grabbed Melicia, "MELICIA!" Fray yelled as he quickly threw her sword but a meter to far, it missed he realized it was coming back for him and grabbed him by the chest, Fray grunted as he tried pushing the creatures claws out of his chest, "AGH!" Fray grunted as he was able to remove it from his chest.

"Hang on...Melicia" Fray said as he climbed the creature while it was flying across the skies, "AHHH" Melicia screamed as she saw the creature trying to kill her with its claws, Fray quickly got in the way protecting her as the creature dug it's claw into his arm, "Fray!" She said worried, Fray closed his eyes as he tried not feeling the intense pain, Melicia saw the creature had stopped flying and turned back knocking Fray in mid air with the claw ripping his skin, "AHHH" Fray felt it greatly as it hurt badly, "Oh my god!" Melicia said as she tried helping him, Fray began losing his ability to see as both from where he is and the arm ripping is making him feel terrible, Fray still tried climbing the creature and save Melicia. The creature dug it's claw into Fray's leg and used both of his hands to pull Fray towards its Maw, "NO!" Melicia screamed as she struggled to get back up onto the creatures arm and save Fray, Fray became unconscious as the creature was about to bite him in half, Melicia quickly got up and kicked the creature's face, as it screeched it lost its grip on Fray's body dropping him in mid air, "Oh my god Fray!" Melicia yelled as she let herself fall down trying to save Fray from the fall and land in the lake instead,

After struggling she finally was able to make Fray fall into the Lake with her too, as The Creature flew passed them searching for its "Food"

Fray became unconscious and fell into the lake not waking up still, Melicia closed her mouth and went in after him, swimming as fast as she could she grabbed Fray's neck collar and pulled him up. She set him down onto the ground, "Wake up please!" Melicia cried out, Fray wouldn't wake up.

"I miss you sis" Oliver said, "I miss you to Brother" She replied, "Come with me please" She continued, "I want too but..I don't want you to get harmed" Oliver said, "I promise you won't harm me you never did" She said, "...I want to be with you to be when you need me most I know when we lost our parents it hurt you and me badly I won't leave you, never again" Oliver said, She smiled with a tear coming from her eyes and down her face.

"GO I WON'T LOSE YOU!" Oliver cried out as he tried helping her escape from the destroyed village, "Please come with me!" She said, "I can't...not after what's happened I don't want you to get hurt I'll fend off the troopers please leave!" Oliver said, She looked away trying not to cry as she left in the ship, Oliver looked at the ship and moments exploded, "NOOOO!!!" Oliver screamed loudly falling to his knees as the Ship was no more...her sister was no more.

Oliver walked towards her sister and held her hand, "Oliver OLIVER!!" N'agra yelled, as his heart stopped beating, "Stay with me pal!" N'agra continued trying to jumpstart his heart again, Haze quickly tried doing the same but no response, "No no NO!" Haze said, as Oliver laid there on the ground no breathing, no sign of return...

After many minutes N'agra stopped and put his head on Oliver's Chest, Haze got up and screamed.

Fray is still in deep consciousness, Melicia with no luck hasn't been able to get him to wake up, Everything has changed now there's only one way to be able to survive this...

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