Star Wars: Impossible Discovery

A group of survivors must go on a journey where they meet there destinies and secrets that behold a undiscovered Planet.


1. Prologue

The Planet, Dxun is a planet much hadn't noticed, with little civilization and little creatures this planet was ignored that is. Until the discovery happened.

A group of people, Fray Gazell, Haze Trac, Oliver Da'ra, N'agra Val, and Melicia Val. Fray is a human whom was incredibly powerful at fighting with Vibroswords, Compatible Staffs, and weaponry such as Blasters, Blaster Pistol's. Haze is a Rodian he began his life as a troubled child, he were forced by his mentor to kill his love A'aya, whom was working with the Republic, Devastated at this forceful choice he eventually got revenge taking extreme training in Snipers whom then assassinated his mentor. Oliver is a Human, as a teen he witnessed The Empire reign on his village seeing many of his friends and relatives slaughtered he became inflicted with hatred and lust for revenge he was a great fighter but never really stood much of a chance against the Sith.

He did though save one of his relatives being his Sister, he shot down the Sith and got his sister to safety, but before he could escape was shot in the leg and brought to the Sith he was tortured for hours until he eventually found a way out and escaped the Sith Destroyer 144-Chaos Class. And was externally lucky as he was almost killed due to the extreme torture he endured. N'agra is a Zabrak who were a servant to a group known as, The Nightsisters a clan of Female Zabraks/Rattataki who enslaved the Zabrak though they used him mainly as a test subject for there technique of the Force, but he was released by a Nightsister who felt bad for the amount of work he endured he was let free but the Nightsister was caught and taken away he became a warrior during the years to come.

And Melicia the only girl in the group and a Human, who was actually a very skilled Archer she eventually gave up the Bow and went on to fighting with her bare fists taking down Men twice her size she was recruited by many organizations but she mainly left them as she was more of a Solo Person, she along with the others became a group. To go on a mission to destroy the Rakata's Star-Forge, a weapon that spells doom on many planets, they are attempting to destroy the Sith and Jedi. But Five Persons were to stop it sadly there ship crash landed, being stranded on a desolated planet a jungle planet to say the least, they could leave the Planet only problem is..there ship is destroyed, no communications just them.

"PULL UP!" Melicia yelled as Fray had his hands tight on the handle of the ship but even with all his force it crashed, Haze was hit into the back of the Ship as Melicia held onto the Chair, N'agra was hit into the wall of the Ship as Oliver

was knocked out as his head slammed into the control panel, Minutes passed.

Fray struggled to get up as he was hit pretty badly on the leg, he pulled the sharp object out of his leg, and got up seeing Melicia and the others on the ground one knocked out the others very hurt. "We have to leave this Ship before it explodes!" Fray shouted as he helped Melicia up, "thank you" she exclaimed, As the two helped the others up and got them out, Fray quickly got back in and grabbed some things including his weapons and left.

Moments later the Ship exploded Fray was able to get the weapons they needed, "We can't be stranded here not now!" Melicia shouted, Fray Melicia and the others left to find a place to settle as it were too dangerous to stay out in the forest, "We have no food no water how do you expect us to survive Fray?" Melicia told him, "We will, we have to" Fray told her, "You're to confident question is, will that be you're undoing?" Melicia replied, "Maybe, maybe not but what matters is us finding a place to settle" Fray said. They walked for over an hour they were tired except for Fray, he kept walking the tiredness all of it surpassed him, Melicia couldn't believe he didn't even stop once while walking especially with the injury on his leg,

"You might be good but we need to sleep" Melicia told Fray, "I'm trying to find a place that we can go to" Fray replied as he looked around him, "There" Fray said seeing somewhere to go "Where is it?" Melicia said, "Over there" Fray said as pointed out the place and walked towards it, "Finally" Melicia exclaimed, she sat down as the others walked but limped as they walked they sat down in relief, "Stay here I'll get some food and water" Fray told them as he grabbed his Vibroswords.

He walked or despite the injury on his leg he walked and saw creatures around the area he looked upon them and saw skeletons, "they weren't the only ones here" he thought, and walked to find food killing creatures wasn't really what he liked or even thought about he didn't want to kill innocent animals for food as he saw they were other food there besides even if he killed one of them how would he cook it?, he was thinking in his mind as he grabbed some food from the trees that surrounded everything and found a lot of food. He then searched for water which was fairly easy but he needed to find clear water, as he got a small container from the ship and decided to bring it with him as he dunked it into the water getting Jr. filled up. Meanwhile.. "Are you ok N'agra?" Melicia said, "Yes, can't say the same for Haze though" He said, she saw Haze bruised and severely injured, "Haze!? Wake up!" Melicia said as she tried pushing her hands on his chest, she noticed Haze lost a lot of blood but didn't say anything, "Someone get the med supplies over there!" She shouted as Oliver quickly grabbed it and opened it, "During my time as a Recruit for one of the organization I took field medical training" Melicia said, as she put Bacta-Medicine and put the liquid on a clear cloth and put the blue liquid one Haze's arm and leg, "Haze was still knocked out but he's gonna make it" Melicia said, "That's great news" both Oliver and N'agra said.

Fray returned with the food and water and set it down, "Look I have to go" Fray said, "What!?" Melicia shouted, "Somethings here..I need to find out what" Fray said, "Well we're coming with you!" Oliver said, "No..I must go alone I saw skeletons here humanoid skeletons someone was here before I need to find out who it was" Fray told them, "How are we gonna defend ourselves without anything?" She said, "Here I got weapons for all of you" Fray said as he set them down, "Be safe I'll be back" Fray said as he got out, Melicia gazed at him with a furious look as she looked back at the others whom were left as well. "I don't need them dying out whether they choose to believe it or not they are safer in there, than out here" Fray thought as he heard a loud noise, he became alert as soon as the sound was heard, the sound came again, Fray stopped breathing for a second to make sure it wasn't him then right before his eyes he was taken by a creature he was thrown into the ground the creature looked like a Bird/Type but mixed with a Rancor's strength and walking on the ground, it scratched his chest, Fray used his Vibroswords and slashed the Creature in the face as he let him go, Fray fell and struggled to get up, Fray then threw his Vibrosword into the Creature and it left. "What was that!?" Fray thought, as he had marks all over him, He searched to find a possible survivor, it took him hours still no sign of a survivor Fray started losing his breathing as he didn't stop walking.

"He left us!" Melicia said, "He'll be back" Oliver said, "Why would he? He doesn't care about us only himself!" Melicia yelled, "I agree" N'agra said, "We're not staying here to become food to a creature we are warriors not cowards let's go" Melicia said, Haze woke up and got up, "I'm with her..I owe you a life debt" Haze said, "I thought that is only Wookiees?" Melicia questioned, "It can be many we are included" Haze said, "It's ok you shouldn't-" Melicia was cut off by the sudden cold shiver down her back, "Someone's here" Melicia said, Oliver and N'agra slowly grabbed the two weapons and held them as Melicia stood still, Haze did as well, then a sound came it was deep and chaotic, Then the stone walls broke, Oliver and N'agra quickly dashed out of the way as they grabbed the other weapons for Melicia and Haze, "LET'S GO!" Melicia shouted as they all ran out of the cave, they fell into the dirt tumbling down into the ground, "AGH!" Melicia grunted as she char don't eh dirt and rolled into the ground below, the others got up to see the Huge creature being able to fly, "Great it can fly and to him we're PREY!" Melicia shouted, "We find a way out of here!" Oliver said, as they all ran trying to evade the creature, "N'agra hurry!" Melicia said, He ran faster as the Creature gained up on them, "HURRY!" Melicia shouted, N'agra sled up just a bit faster before being grabbed by the Creature, "NO!" Melicia shouted, "We're not leaving without him we are in this together!" Melicia said, as N'agra was trying to lose the Creatures grip on him, The Creature dig its claws in N'agra, "AHH" He screamed in pain as the claws went inside him, then before N'agra was long gone, A Swlrd went into the creatures neck as it let go of N'agra, The others saw as it was Fray that threw the Vibrosword, Fray quickly leapt and grabbed the falling Zabrak, "Are you ok!?" Melicia said, "I-can feel the pain going deeper, need-ne..." N'agra began losing consciousness, "Stay with us!" Melicia shouted, Fray picked him up and did a rare treatment, "This is gonna hurt the both of us but it'll keep you alive" Fray said, "What are you doing!?" Melicia asked, "I'm saving him" Fray replied as he stuck the sword into his arm, "I can't watch this" Melicia said as she looked away, His blood fell on N'agra's head as he performed something a Nightsister would do, Fray began saying a type of ritual, as the Blood disappeared, N'agra felt the blood inside him, but also the fact the wounds were healing faster than usual, N'agra soon healed within minutes. "How-how is that possible!?" N'agra asked, "I studied rituals like these in case it were needed I had partners that participated in the battle against the Rakata, And this is one of the most difficult to learn and achieve" Fray told him.

"You saved him?" Melicia said shocked, "You may not see it but I wouldn't let you die without trying luckily I learned the ritual as anything else would've been to late, I'm not gonna turn my back on Partners I learned that the hard way" Fray said. "What now?" Melicia asked, "We find the survivors and hopefully we can get out of here as of now I'd say try actually living to get there" Fray said, Haze, now revived N'agra, Oliver, Melicia

And Fray stood there, "How are we gonna survive without armor that'll at least protect us you saw N'agra near death!" Melicia said, "I know which is why we are gonna build Armors one way or another. "How?" Melicia questioned, "If I'm not mistaken they should be enough material on this planet problem is we need something to handcraft it" Fray said, "Well I kept this tool with me at all times for defense I think it should help to handcraft it" Oliver stated, "Great now we should be set its gonna take awhile to build these Armors if we don't have enough Material we just have to stick with what we got" Fray stated.

"Let's do this" Melicia said as they walked into the unknown.

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