Investigation By A Brit ((USUK fanfiction))

Arthur Kirkland is a 23 year old man who has took a trip to America to investigate strange behavior, Alfred F. Jones is a 19 year old young man who lives in the area Arthur was searching, he slowly falls in love everytime Arthur investigates, his dark green eyes some how hypnotise him..


1. The Brits Arrival..

The Brit sighed as he walked towards a mysterious looking crime scene by a large wooden house, He knelt down, examining the scene with his large magnifying glass, his hat sliding off his head. He sighed and got up, dusting himself off, trying not to contaminate the scene. He looked over to the dark wooden house, he thought to himself "I wonder if the person living there will know about this.." He walked over to the house and knocked on the door

The American skipped over to the door and opened it "Hello.." The brit looked at him with a very serious face "Excuse me, sir, this is a very predominant question, do you know anything about the recent accident that happened around here?" The American just shrugged in response, looking down into the Brit's green eyes. He looked up at him and snarled "Answer my question.." 

The American shrugged again. The Brit grew angry and grabbed his collar "I said to answer my question, do you know anything about the recent accident that happened around here?.."  

The American sighed "Well no not really dude and can I say something?" The Brit looked at him "You may talk, only if it is relevant.." 

"You have really nice eyes sir.." The American smiled sweetly at him. The Brit grew even angrier and slapped him "How is that relevant to you?" The Brit sighed "I am sorry I slapped you, anyways, seeing as you live close to the scene maybe you could tell me if you saw anything when the accident happened. yes?"

The American nodded slightly and blushed a little "Sure detective dude!" The Brit raised an eyebrow "Such informal language coming from an american.." 

He sighed and stepped out of the door. The Brit smiled warmly "Excellent! now come on lets go.." He grabbed his arm and rushed down the stairs that were leading to his front door and lead him to the crime scene "Now tell me exactly what you saw.." The Brit looked at him and smiled, almost jumping up and down in excitement waiting for crucial information 

The American told him all he knew, well all he wanted him to know and Arthur pouted "Is that all? That was useless information.." Alfred sighed, making his way back to the house "Wait where do you think you're going, sir?" Arthur rushed over to him, Alfred looked down at him "Home, what does it look like" Arthur sighed "Please I need more information, I think you have more but you are not telling me."  

"Well anyways I guess I will come here tomorrow.." Alfred looked at him in confusion "You are coming here tomorrow?" Arthur nodded "Well, of course, I am a detective, after all, oh and I never caught your name, I'm detective Arthur Kirkland, you can just call me Arthur.." 

"I'm Alfred. F Jones.." He placed his hand out, gesturing for him to shake his hand "Well It's nice to meet you, Alfred.." Arthur smiled and shook his hand. "Well, I guess I will see you tomorrow.." Alfred sighed, The brit nodded "Yes I guess I will.." He smiled and walked away. The American sighed happily, gazing at him from afar "He is such a nice person" He felt himself blush softly "even though he did slap me in the face.." He sighed and walked home, opening the door and closing it behind him. 



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