Investigation By A Brit ((USUK fanfiction))

Arthur Kirkland is a 23 year old man who has took a trip to America to investigate strange behavior, Alfred F. Jones is a 19 year old young man who lives in the area Arthur was searching, he slowly falls in love everytime Arthur investigates, his dark green eyes some how hypnotise him..


2. The Americans dream..

The next day, Alfred groaned as he awoke, yawning and stretching, He sat up properly and gasped "Isn't that Arthur dude coming back today?" The American enthusiastically got up out of bed, clearly excited for the brits arrival, he got dressed and smiled happily, looking out the window. The American gasped as he saw Arthur sitting by the crime scene and reading his notes, pencil behind ear style. 

The Brit closely studied his notes, the brit looked at the crime scene and then back at the house, when he did so he saw the dirty blonde haired man, gazing at him from a very large and very noticeable window. The Brit jumped a little and sighed, standing up 

Alfred blushed lightly, trying to lock eyes with him, his head leaning on his hand, he watched him in awe as he stepped closer, he didn't notice the stern look on Arthur's face, he was very angry now.

Arthur's eyebrow twitched as he stepped towards the window, knocking on it violently, he seemed very red to the face as he did so. The American opened the window fully "Why hello detective dude" He chuckled. Arthur was blushing deeply "Hello. I need your help.." 

Alfred gasped "You need my help?" The Brit nodded "Yes I just said that now would you mind letting me in your house, it is pouring out here.."  He shivered a little, his wet hair almost covering his face. 

The American nodded, reaching for the Brits hair and sweeping it away from his face, putting it behind his ears and smiling softly, The brit blushed a little more and smiled up at him "Thanks.." Alfred nodded "No problem dude!" 

He sighed and walked around to the door, making his way up the stairs, Alfred did his usual skip to the door and opened it, smiling widely. Arthur smiled a little "May I come in?" Alfred nodded and moved out of the way, letting Arthur inside, Arthur smiled up at him, stepping in "Such a gentleman.." He said quietly, Alfred smiled even wider when hearing this and happily closing the door

Arthur smiled and sat down, admiring the house "Very nice place you got Alfred.." Alfred sat down and sighed happily "Thanks dude.." Arthur looked at him "Question, why do you say dude all the time?" Alfred shrugged "Well i don't know it's just a thing i do.." He chuckled slightly. Arthur chuckled a little and examined the various things in his house 

Alfred gazed at him, watching as he looked around his house, he quickly snapped out of it and decided to sit next to Arthur. Arthur looked at him and smiled softly, taking off his hat and drying it off "Well as i was going to say, i need your help, apparently, this house had to do with the accident, according to my neighbours.." Alfred gasped a little and muttered "Fuck.." Arthur tilted his head "Excuse me did you say something Alfred?" Alfred shook his head rapidly 

Arthur looked a little confused "Are you hiding something from me?" Alfred shook his head again "No dude.." Arthur got up and looked around "Wait what are you doing dude.." Arthur turned around to see Alfred grabbing his arm "Looking around, if that's a problem you should have told me, well is it a problem?.."  Alfred nodded a little. Arthur looked intrigued "Why is it a problem huh.." He grabbed Alfred's shirt, moving his face closer to his until their noses touched "Are you sure your not hiding something.." Alfred blushed deeply and grinned a little "I'm sure theres nothing I'm hiding.." Arthur pushed him to a wall, shortly following after him his hands on the wall next to his head, his face very close to his "You sure?" Arthur grinned a little. Alfred blushed deeply, unable to move or speak. "Well if you are not going to help me i better be off.." He removed his hands from the wall and walked off 

Alfred grabbed his arm, turning him around "Dont leave.." The Brit looked at his watch "But seriously i need to go.." The American sighed and nodded, letting go of his arm "Be back tommorow though okay?" The Brit nodded "Okay I shall.." He kissed his cheek and walked off "Goodbye Alfred.." Alfred blushed, holding his hand to his cheek "Bye.." 


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