Investigation By A Brit ((USUK fanfiction))

Arthur Kirkland is a 23 year old man who has took a trip to America to investigate strange behavior, Alfred F. Jones is a 19 year old young man who lives in the area Arthur was searching, he slowly falls in love everytime Arthur investigates, his dark green eyes some how hypnotise him..


5. Investigation for a Brit..

A couple of days after, the same routine played out, torture and love then repeat. Obviously being a detective you need to report back right? Well being a 'slave' makes it difficult. After those days Arthur's neck was covered with hickeys and some scars, the same for his back. Alfred, on the other hand, had claw type marks on his chest and back from Arthur, he had tried to fight back, not to escape but have more pain. What a strange man he has become, same for Alfred before he killed those innocent people he was a charming young lad with a happy life, but now because of Arthur coming into his life he has become a power hungry, sex-obsessed freak. 

Arthur sat on Alfred's lap in the living room, watching the television as a news bulletin appeared, to both of them it was a surprise that the new was about Arthur, it described how he has gone missing since the investigation started, other than surprising the two boys it also shocked them. The Brit turned to the other "What if they find me?" He asked in a quiet tone "Well I won't let them take you away from me," He replied in a confident tone "But how?" Arthur asked Alfred stared at him, his eyebrows furrowed "Don't ask questions okay?" He smiled. Arthur nodded quickly and cuddled into him. Alfred hugged him tightly, he had somehow hypnotised Arthur, first Alfred was hypnotised by the Brits green eyes, dirty blonde hair. Now the tables have turned on its side. Arthur was just attracted to all of him now, his dominance sent chills of lust down his spine and Alfred's power made Arthur anxious at times. 

After a couple of minutes, Alfred had pinned Arthur down on the sofa. Arthur looked at the other, desire glimmered in his eyes as Alfred began sucking at the other's neck, in the process creating more hickeys. Arthur moaned quietly, tugging at Alfred's shirt, sending a message for more. Alfred smirked and kissed him deeply. Arthur felt his cheeks flush bright red, kissing him back gripping onto his shirt. He pulled away and started unbuttoning Arthur's shirt slowly. Arthur watched and blushed a deep crimson, biting his lip.

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