Investigation By A Brit ((USUK fanfiction))

Arthur Kirkland is a 23 year old man who has took a trip to America to investigate strange behavior, Alfred F. Jones is a 19 year old young man who lives in the area Arthur was searching, he slowly falls in love everytime Arthur investigates, his dark green eyes some how hypnotise him..


4. Continuous agony

The Brit shook violently, looking up at the American through half-lidded eyes, for some reason he was enjoying the pain, the anticipation for more overtook him. Alfred wiped the rest of the brit's sweet blood on his once-white shirt, grinning at the other "What next dearie~" He chuckled darkly, going back to his draw of weapons, pulling out an iron? A very strange 'weapon' of choice, he walked over to the brit again, looking down at him, iron in hand. Arthur stared up at him, his face was stained with his tears "An Iron? what are you going to do with th-" he was interrupted by the hot sting of burning heat placed on his arm by the iron, his skin sizzling in reaction to the unexpected heat. He screamed, shaking even more now, closing his eyes tightly as Alfred took the iron off his arm slowly, a red mark remained, the brit panting slightly, the screaming tired him out. "Well well Arthur, look what happened~" Arthur opened his eyes slightly, gasping at the remaining scar left on his arm, his eyes widening. Alfred put the iron aside and knelt down to Arthur's arm level, licking across the burn mark, Arthur's face flushed a dark crimson. Alfred looked up at him "You like that?" he asked, continuing to lick up his arm. Arthur nodded slightly, he couldn't hide it anymore, he loved the feeling, biting his lip as he continued to watch Alfred lick up his arm 

After a while, Alfred's white shirt had been completely covered in the brit's blood, Arthur on the other hand, not only his attire but his face was splattered with blood. Arthur was shaking violently, his eyes widened in fear "I-Is it over yet?" He asked in a shaky tone. Alfred nodded "For today yes," the brit sighed in relief, looking up at the tall American, a frown appearing on his face. Alfred turned to face him and smiled warmly "You okay sweetie?" Arthur shook his head "What is it?" Alfred knelt down, Arthur turning to face him "Well I am in my own blood.." Alfred chuckled quietly "Ah, of course, I'll clean you up,"  

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