Investigation By A Brit ((USUK fanfiction))

Arthur Kirkland is a 23 year old man who has took a trip to America to investigate strange behavior, Alfred F. Jones is a 19 year old young man who lives in the area Arthur was searching, he slowly falls in love everytime Arthur investigates, his dark green eyes some how hypnotise him..


3. Arthur's Disappearance..

After the whole kissing thing, Alfred was in a daze, to be honest, Arthur was a little stunned that he did that, he didn't know why but he did, but he was happy. the next day Arthur came back, knocking on his door and smiling brightly, Alfred went over to the door and took a deep breath, he didn't know whether to keep him in the house or get rid of him, the accidents that have been happening were all Alfred's fault, so he had to get Arthur out of his way, but how? he asked himself, he shook his head and smiled, opening the door "Oh hello Arthur"Arthur smiled brightly and waved "Hello Alfred, are you willing to help me today" Alfred looked at him and nodded "But there is something I want to show you first.." Arthur tilted his head to the side "What is it?" Alfred grinned "It's a surprise dude!" Arthur sighed "Of course it is.." Alfred's grin grew larger on his face as he stepped to the side, watching him as he stepped in, locking the door, Arthur zipped around and looked at him, squinting "Why did you just-" He didn't get to finish his sentence because of Alfred, Alfred covered his mouth "Shh~" Arthur squirmed and muffled screamed. "Calm down dear~" Alfred whispered in his ear, his hot breath sending goose bumps down the Brits back, Alfred smirked and slammed him against the wall, holding his hands against the wall, Arthur looked up at him and blushed deeply "Listen Arthur, I don't want to do this but you are getting in my way!" Arthur sniffled a little "What do you mean? what are you going to do to me?" He quivered  "Oh it will not hurt, that much, just stay silent and it will be over soon~" Alfred smirked and Arthur whimpered "Don't hurt me please!" He grabbed a cloth out of his pocket, putting it towards Arthur's face "Night night dude~" Arthur screamed as the cloth reached his face, the chloroform effect hit quickly, Arthur grew limp, sliding down the wall, unconscious, Alfred grinned and removed the cloth, putting it back in his pocket and picking up the unconscious brit and smirked, carefully going down to his basement, putting him on a chair, tying his arms and legs so he couldn't move when he woke up , Alfred sighed and looked at the unconscious man before him and pecked his cheek and giggled "I'm going to have some fun with you~" 

After a while Arthur woke up, his eyes adjusting to the light "Oh you are awake~" Alfred's face became clear, Arthur's eyes widening, he tried moving his hands and feet, but failed, looking at the rope around his hands and back at Alfred "Why are you doing this?" Alfred chuckled "Well you are in my way dear~" Arthur raised an eyebrow "What do you mean, in your way?" Alfred lifted Arthur's chin up with his fingers and sighed "You really are clueless for a detective~" Arthur stopped and thought about it and gasped at his slight realisation and looked back at Alfred "Y-You killed them?" Alfred nodded "Well done detective!" He chuckled, Arthur's face went from scared to terrified, Alfred noticed this slight facial expression and smirked: "Is the detective frightened?" Arthur shook his head, a tear rolling down his face, Alfred walked over to a draw full of weapons like daggers, guns and various other sharp objects, Arthur tried peeking over his shoulder but it was hopeless, bad thoughts were rushing through his head, Alfred came back with a dagger in hand, more tears started to form from Arthur's eyes "Please don't kill me, I beg you" He sniffled, Alfred sighed "I am not going to kill you, just hurt you, really badly, okay~?" Alfred smiled insanely "I don't get it why would you hurt me?" Alfred shrugged, the insane, crazy like smile still on his face "Do what I say and it will be quicker and less painful for you, okay sweetie?" The brit sighed and nodded "Okay.." Alfred's smile turned into a smirk, grabbing his collar and pulling him into a deep, rough kiss. The brit's eyes widened, motionless. Alfred tried forcing his tongue into the others mouth, Arthur had no choice but to kiss him back, his warm tongue hitting his, Arthur moaned a little into the kiss, Alfred examined his mouth with his tongue and eventually pulled away, looking at Arthur with a hungry look, Arthur gulped and looked at the dagger he still had in hand, Alfred raised his hand and rolled up Arthur's sleeve, exposing his arm and sliding the dagger across his skin, Arthur bit his lip, letting some gasps out, Alfred took the dagger away and licked some of the blood off and smirking, a little blood on his lips "Tasty~"  

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