Luna (working title)

writing prompt: Every person is born with a twin, one evil twin one good twin your twin died at birth; the governemtne isn't sure which you are and they will have to make the best guess and send you to one of the territories when you turn 16.


2. One

The room illuminates signaling it is time to wake up. The long corridor like room is lined with bunk beds each set of twins gets a bunk with a small locker at the end holding 5 sets of cloths. We get up and make our beds laying the light blue c comforter back into place and lying the pillow back to its proper place horizontally on the top of the bed.

            Then the herd shuffles to the showers where boys and girls are separated to prepare for the day. After that we make our way to the dinning hall and eat our properly portioned and balanced meals, and when finished promptly ushered to classes. It is always the same, a consistent routine. The schedule only fluxgates a bit when kids move from school to school and because we only move on our birthdays and we are in school for 3-5 years only one or two sets of twins move a month. Classes start for the day covering advanced calculus to world geography then to history of the territories This is all covered before our regularly scheduled lunch break. Sitting at the table I watch everyone go to their regular tables and chat. Most of the time I sit with Delta and Noble they make their way to the table and sit across from me.

            “hello Luna.” Delta says in an almost reflex the polite greeting we are all thought must be said when starting an interaction with someone.

            “Hello delta, noble. How are you doing today?” I respond with the same polite response.

            “Are you busy during recreation tonight? Would you like to play in the game room with us?” Delta nods to noble indicating they will both be in the room.

            “That would be enjoyable, thank you.”

We return to our lunch and carry on with polite conversation thought the lunch hour.

            After the afternoon classes wrap up I return to my bunk.  I lay out the newest personality quiz and begin the tedious bubble filling. These test always give me so much anxiety that I usually end up in the counselors office after dinner. I over think most of them trying to decide the right answer not just my answer. Im different than anyone else I don’t have a twin to compare to so my answers are not so cut and dry  my answers might give me away for what I’m afraid I might be… afraid that I might belong in Vector.

            In school we learn all about the two territories, Volt is to the east of Axis. There everyone is assigned a job in Healing, raising, or government. Volt is responsible for raising the next generation of children all the medical care for all people living in the schooling areas, Volt and Vector. They run the governing division as well they make all the decisions for all the cities.  Vector is different there the people are given harder labor jobs, manual jobs, building, maintenance, and agriculture. The assignments in Vector have more structure and more physical labor. This is done to keep the twins that are sent there with the structure and  discipline needed. Vector is where the “evil” twin goes, this is for the twins that show a tendency for disobedience, or violence. Vector is designed to keep the people assigned there working and focused it is also used to wear them out physically so that no one will have the energy to become violent. It is taken care of the homes are night the grass is green the picket fences are white, but there is a different feel to the atmosphere there. Volt is designed and looks the same and Vector, but in Volt there is the capital building as they run the government as well as all the hospitals and the birthing center. The birthing center is where a women goes when she decides to have her children. Women enter and are paired with a good match and then the children are created. The women lives at the center during the 9 months of pregnancy and gives birth there. After the mothers return to their jobs. No women is made to be a mother, but many feel that they should they feel that they have an obligation to give a set of twins to fill their spot.  Volt is where I hope to be, this making me different in just one more way from my classmates. They don’t need to hope they belong somewhere they are able to just be resigned to the fact that they belong in one territory and their twin in the other. I don’t know I could go to either making my testing and schooling different in that I could potently choose with the way I answer questions and testing.

            All of this is why at the end of evaluations or testing I usually end up in the councilor or the doctor with headaches because I’m overanalyzing every question I answer and anything I say I am thinking about from the point of both twins not just myself.

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