Luna (working title)

writing prompt: Every person is born with a twin, one evil twin one good twin your twin died at birth; the governemtne isn't sure which you are and they will have to make the best guess and send you to one of the territories when you turn 16.


1. Intro

I have always been the different one I stand out in the crowd and especially in classes. But let me started from the very beginning: I am Luna and my twin died, this hasn't happened in almost 50 years. Everyone is born with a twin now everyone until the age of 16 is trained and put through school, when we get to Axis, my current school, this is the last stop before we are separated into our designated territories. Twins are compared and tested from the time we enter the first school Nova just after birth, everything from out weight eye color hair color, throughout Ray the second school where reading writing and basic skills are taught and tested, to Ion where puberty starts we are further pushed and tested to now in Axis where our last three years are documented and the final testing to decide where we will spend our lives. Axis' testing and placement pits you against your twin being that one of you will go to Volt and one will go to Vector. With me not having a twin makes my testing different they give me all the same test but they have nothing to compare them to being that my twin is dead. Being that Lemma is dead. The supervisors have never encountered something like me and in true dictator fashion they contemplated on killing me it would be easy, but some scientist piped up and asked what if this happens again. So they are "winging it" and now In just three weeks i will be place in a world that no one not even myself will be confident that i belong there. 

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