Dear Best Friend Forever

This is to my bestest friend in the world whom I hold so dear and has NEVER given up on me. I hope you see this bestie. I love you. And ich liebe dich means I love you in German.


16. 2/7/17

Dear Best Friend,

     I have decided that I will buy Z a good pair of headphones. I still don't know if I will be able to go to homecoming Friday with him. I'm going to tell my supervisor that I need to let him know by tomorrow. Which I think I do soooo.... 

     Z scares me a lot because his sugar gets really high. I didn't see him for four hours after he went to the nurse to check his blood sugar. Then I seen him after fourth hour. I asked what was wrong and his sugar. It scares me so much. What if I come to school one day and something happens? Or we're at school and something DOES happen? I don't want him to get hurt. So I've decided that I'm going to tell him to his face how I feel about it. 

    I'm glad you got to go on a date with C.W. That's really cute and it makes me happy. Thank God he was being a safe driver or I would have let an earful on him.

    I really don't have much else to talk about. I've told you everything else that's going on with me. 

    Still learning German. I learned how to say "My name is" "Thank you." "You're welcome" "Why don't you listen?" "Goodnight" and "I love you" so far.

      ich liebe dich <3


              Best Friend/Daughter/StarGazer141

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