Dear Best Friend Forever

This is to my bestest friend in the world whom I hold so dear and has NEVER given up on me. I hope you see this bestie. I love you. And ich liebe dich means I love you in German.


6. 1/24/17

Dear Best Friend,

                I decided to take on the world today and wear a skirt. It's a white vintage lacey looking skirt. I'm not really a skirt person. Then I'm wearing a gray sweater with my zebra print high top converse. 

               I'm currently reading Paper Towns by John Green. Have you read his book The Fault In Our Stars? It's really good too, but it's better. 

             I'm made this cool journal. It's an art journal. I took a composition book and glued stuff all over the cover. It's really cool looking. I love it. I've only had it only a couple days so there isn't much in it.

               I sware to goodness that if Joseph did not tell you to look.... I shall kick his hind end the next time I see him. That's the only reason I can come up with that you haven't been on here. Or you don't have access to a computer. *sigh* It stresses me out. I really just want my bestie and to know your okay.

              I made this joke a couple weeks ago. I have this friend who constantly makes fun of himself for being "fat". So he was talking about his height on one of his complaining day. I told him that he was five foot fat..... It was hilarious.Then he started complaining about it (jokingly) to his best friend (who is also my friend) that I called him five foot fat. Then I told his best friend that he was six foot stick. It was all really funny.

              Do you still listen to Miranda Lambert? I know it says it on your info but I don't know if you really do or not. Every time I hear one of her songs, I think of you. Especially The House That Built Me.

            I'm talking to that boy here at school that asked me out. He's pretty chill. I knew him before because he was in my friend group but now I know him on a different level. He wrote me a letter and asked me if I would tell him if he was going to far and not get mad. I told him yes that I would tell him but if he proceeded to keep going I would punch him in the face.

            I think you would love my one of two best friends here. He's hilarious. And a turd. He tries to flirt with me but I reject him every time. He's such a weirdo. He does this weird eyebrow thing at me. *rolls eyes* He's so ridiculous. But a really good friend. And just because I have best friends here does not make you any less important. You'll always be my number one best friend.

                                                      ich liebe dich <3


                                                                             Best Friend/Daughter/StarGazer141



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