Dear Best Friend Forever

This is to my bestest friend in the world whom I hold so dear and has NEVER given up on me. I hope you see this bestie. I love you. And ich liebe dich means I love you in German.


2. 1/19/17

Dear Best Friend,

             Yesterday there was an art contest for COPE. I won an honorable mention. It was pretty cool. We all got to take 2 classes of our choice. I took a dark room photography and creative journalism classes. It was so much fun. I loved it. I had a really good day.

              I had 4 8 oz cups of coffee at the COPE contest. In 8 oz there is 95 mg of caffeine. You get high off of coffee at 250 mg of caffeine. I had 364 mg of caffeine. I was f***** up. It was scary. I don't ever want to get high again. I didn't know that would happen.

              I messed up yesterday. I made a wrong choice when we got off the bus at home. The van wasn't there to pick us up at the end of the road so the neighbors said we could stand on the porch and wait. So I made a choice for all of us girls as a group to just stand on the porch. My supervisor was livid when she found out what we done. One of the girls went in the house. I tried to stop her but not hard enough. I feel so awful. They could have gotten hurt because of me. I put them in danger. They're my family. My responsibility. 

             I wish you were on here. I'm scared that you won't see this and that I will lose my best friend. I wish you would just look. I get how you felt when I didn't see what you wrote. When I didn't get on. I'm scared something has happened to you. I just want my best friend. I love you like crazy and I don't know what I would do without you. I wish everyday that you were next to me and could experience everything with me once again. I can't quit reading the letters you've written. I try so hard just to not cry.

           Hey... Don't blame yourself for what happened to me. It was bound to happen. If Madds couldn't stop me, my parents couldn't stop me, my siblings couldn't stop me...... Nobody could. 

         It's not funny that you're dad called you ugly. You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Just like that girl down there. (when i seen that girl in big hero 6 instantly thought of you) You are so amazing. Happy, positive, helpful, beautiful, fun, and yourself. 

           Maybe you could drive up here sometime. Our homecoming is February 10th, if you wanna be my date? (as besties duh) It's in Crocker. That's where I go to school. The game starts at 6 pm and the dance ends at 11:30 pm. Let me know ASAP if you want to come.

           I dedicate this song to you forever and ever. No matter what. And it's all true. 

          I hope to see or hear from you soon. I hope you look soon.  

                                                       ich liebe dich <3


                                                                  Best Friend/Daughter/StarGazer141


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