The missing queen

In Stormwind kingdom their was a king who was beloved by his kingdom. As he grew old he would hand to he's crown and Stormwind to he's oldest daughter Irene. younger sister Alyda had become jealous and confused why she can't be crowned. Alyda had want the stormwind to her self but Irene had tried to reason with her but Alyda ignore her by her jealouse and had become a monster Alyda had challenge Irene for the kingdom but she refused. Irene had deffeted her and banished her to the a relam where no one can find her one day when Irene Had married to a man she had fall in love. Year's later Irene had a daughter hire to Stormwind. The day she was borne was when the baby went missing and stormwind was broken. Their is a prophecy that one day the missing queen well rise a kingdom and take back the crown of Stormwind. Later a girl name Saphira with dragon magic and healing magic is on a quest to find the missing queen on her quest she goes facing thing's you'll never see and meets new friends.


3. The Attack

The dragon trainer was a lovely women of a wife to the arena champion and a mother to a daughter. The women's name is Lady Matildis. The husband name is Sir Rolph and the daughter of the couple is Saphira. In the cottage you would see Lady Matildis on her knees in the center of the living room where she is training a baby silver dragon for the lord's son and Saphira reading a book about sword's fight and the combat, sitting on the ground next to the fire pit. It was quiet until the baby dragon growled and thinking he was playing a game with Lady Matildis. She was getting annoyed about it and Saphira thought it was funny so she was giggling about it. Lady Matildis looked at with aggravation expression. "Well would you like to this?" "It isn't easy you know!" said Lady Matildis. 

"No it's the dragon it so young shouldn't you wait until it's 10 months old instead 3 months old?" said Saphira in confusion. Because they trained dragons when 10 months old or 2 years old when it's a teenager. 

"Yes but they want him be perfect for flying training and the lord's son is on my back for this dragon and I think his son need to be patience." said Matildis. The lord's son is greedy and all way's get what he want's.  

                     Lady Matildis went back trying to get the dragons attention from chasing the house fairy. House fairies clean the house and help organize things also real good baker's. Saphira noticed the time because she was ssupposed to train her crystalin battle with her father an hour ago. She stood and started to get ready for her crystalin Battle training from her father Sir Rolph. "When well you two be done so u can have supper?" Lady Matildis asked. "I don't know mother? Father is starting to make me trained harder and longer since im older and have gotten stronger." said Saphira with hope she'll be home early today.

"I see, please be careful today, I don't want you battle with the giant crystalin since what happen." said Lady Matildis with tone meaning please be careful this time. 

"I won't mother I promise, and it was not my fault that im small and got pushed and made me hit the wall, beside I have a plan." Saphira said with confidants but really she hopes it works. Saphira walked out of the door with her armor but really was copper chest plate and gauntlets and leather boots and her sword in it's scabbard on her back and tied across her body, and since Saphira hair was black in a messy fish tail braid. As she walked through the center of the town where it is all ways crowded and next was the market which is really worse. Finally she made it to the arena where she could see her father standing in the center of the arena. 

                             Saphira walked to him as she stepped on stone floor and saw crystals flowing on the air and a great sword next to it was a long scythe. "Hello father, what are we doing today?" said Saphira with ceriouse hoping it wont deal what her mother said before she left and might forgot about the crystalin battle training. Sir Rolph turned and faced covered in heavy armor and a huge war hammer on his back. A gift from the family's good friend from the dwarf kingdom in the lost mountains home of the mining. Sir Rolph was a commander in one of the battle's and had allied with the Drawf's. He had long blond bear with shoulder length blond hair tied in a messy thick bread. As Saphira looked she could see like she is in trouble. "Where have you been? You were supposed to be hear an hour ago" said Sir Rolph with a thunder voice of anger. "Sorry i had been stuck in the crowed to get hear since winter is coming." said Saphira with caution what she should say. "All right at least you came now let us begin! Today you well have to kill a mage crystalin and a giant crystalin at the same time." said Rolph with faith in her. Saphira hated the idea but ever since she could remember her father had showed her she can do anything since in Dragonsumit women can learn how to fight they have to be a lady or a dragon trainer and other stuff that is boring for Saphira. Sir Rolph is making her a perfect warrior in arena games. Saphira really wanted to become a hero and explore places that never been seen by no one. "Do i get to pick which one i want to fight first?" asked Saphira.

"No daughter in a battle one of this well might come at the same time but you can do it i have see you how you became smarter and stronger"

"Yes father, Its just mother is worried about the giant crystalin since last time"

"I know she made me almost sleep on the couch when that happened," both laughed. So now since i think you are ready you can pick a weapon and this well be your weapon" said Sir Rolph. 

Saphira felt with surprised because that means Saphira finally get's a weapon then a dingy long copper sword. That she all ways trained with. But that also mean she is ready for the games and go on her own tell she is sixteen. At sixteen is when your children can decide what they want to do are take their family's footstep. Saphira was going to turn sixteen in the morning tomorrow. Saphira stared at the two weapons and had all ways wanted to fight with a great sword but a scythe is new. Saphira walked up to the great sword that is in the air. Saphira grabbed it at the handle with both hands. Suddenly the Scythe disappear and the two crystals started to form in to a human that dose have no face but eyes that lit by a color represent what they are the mage is blue and a giant is green. There are other crystalin's but hard to buy for training. When a battle or a fight about to start they use crystlin to train their skill's to help them win.  Saphira saw them finally form and the giant  color of green and was huge, size of a young adult dragon and the mage size of a normal human.

                 Saphira got into her battle stand the mage crystalin was forming a glow ball of force magic and the giant fleeing his arms up with his hands forming a fist and coming down towards Saphira. As the bold crash Saphira. She moved and didn't get hit by the magic and jumped back when the giant's fist hit the ground. Saphira jumped on the fist and started running up the giants arm and hopefully her plan would work by hitting the giant crystalin's weak spot the head. Saphira was so close she got hit by something and it was from the mage's force magic Saphira felt pain in her left rib lucky she caught a grip from the giant's arm. with the other hand holding her great sword but it was slipping slowly out of her hand. She stabbed the giant's arm and the sword was in the arm as the wound starting to crumble a little. and see green dust coming out. Saphira had good balance and started running towards the head and hold the great sword with both hands and started to charge the head. Swung the sword and left a big deep hole that would touched the brain. Suddenly the giant started to crumpled in to big giant rocks then turned back into the form when she got their a crystal figure and came to her father side.

                 Saphira looked around to see if the mage was crumbled but the giant crystalin floating to her father. When Saphira was watching she had felt a sharp pain. Saphira turned and saw the mage standing she thought it got crumbled from the giant. 

               The mage finished a flame spell that flame's shoot out of it's hands. Saphria almost moved out of the way and had burned her upper right arm and part of her shoulder. But the mage crystalin turned into a normal crystal and came to her father that was behind her. "So did I do good?"asked Saphira in pain. "No but better then last time you need to focus and make sure everything is done. Do you understand?" asked Sir Rolph with a very demanding attitude. "Yes father, I well do better i promise." said Saphira with disappointment of her self. 

                           Rolph notice the burnt skin, freshly new still bad and need to be cleaning. Sir Rolph walked up to her and lucky had a potion to stop it from getting infected. Saphira had forgotten about her arm and shoulder that it was hurt she even didn't felt it but she could feel her father's grip holding her to clean it. Saphira isn't normal every time she get cut or hurt she heals quick the next morning. When he cleaned it up and banged it up they started walking home. It was almost sun sit and had a little more time to get home. Saphira wanted to show her freind Dlofan who is a centaur and his father the own a library and his mother was nurse until she had been missing and never been found again. People believe she is dead but Dolfan believe she isn't. "Father since i have a little time can i show Dlofan my new sword?" asked Saphira with hope. Rolph looked at her with happiness. "Yes but be home when the street lanterns start glowing." said Rolph. Saphira thanked him and hugged then ran as fast she could to show the new sword in her scabbard on her back. 

                                       As she got on a small alley were in the end was a small building  with a crooked roof and lot's of plants on the building. Saphira always feel like it's a portal to a enchanted forest. also books that can bring your mind to another world. Their was a little sign saying library in elvish. Saphira open the door and saw a bar that half across the room and the hole room covered in books. Behind the bar was Dolfan's father and small pony centaur reading a book about amulet's magic. "Hello Hivon is Dolfan here i got to show him my new weapon my father gave me?" asked Saphira out of breath. "Yes sweet he's in the back. MY GOBLAN WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU THIS TIME?" asked Hivon with frighten for Saphira and noticed the bandage. Saphira all ways come to Dolfan when she is injured. Dolfan had all ways wanted to become a healer like his mother so he practice on her wounds even though their gone in the next morning. "A crystalin mage, at least i killed the giant one this time and not like last time!" said Saphira with tone for looking on the positive said. "Im guessing your mother is going to murder someone to night" said Hivon with humor as both laughed. Saphira walked to the back of the library. Saw Dolfan a pony body and human shape like his father with long copper hear to he's shoulders like he's fur same color like his fur. As he turned and saw her banged and with a big weapon on her back. "What happen this time?" asked Dolfan by not surprised. "A mage crystalin hit me with fire magic and I finally killed the giant one this time!" said Saphira. "Well can i do practice on the wound please it would help a lot you know?" asked Dolfan with hope to practice. "Sorry i'm hear real quick to show you the weapon father gave me!" As Saphira pulled out the sword from her scabbard. The lanterns light reflected the light with blue and red light on the Great silver sword. Dolfan Stared with amazement. "So Sir Rolph believes you are ready then, eh" said Dolfan. Saphira looked at Dolfan and in the corner of her eye she could see the lanterns about to light up. Dolfan knew she had to go but he had a surprised for her at the wood's. Dolfan told her meet him at the wood's in the morning. Dolfan knew if she was late for supper her mother well be not pleased so for her father. As Saphira ran on the streets where it was quiet and no one was out, everybody was inside from the day. It was also faster for Saphira until something pushed her to the ground and hold her their. Saphira looked up and saw a boy looks like the same age as her fifteen or sixteen, with white hair like the moon and black armor for demon's, eye's like amethysts glittering in the moon. The creature was a dragon kind, like human like using it's foot to hold her down. Saphira was scared and don't know what to do. She couldn't reach her sword or put her hand out to use a fire blast magic to the creature. "I thought you would be hard to find but really you aren't any way what's the hurry i mean your parents are gone. ek eke!" said the boy. Saphira doesn't believes it and didn't want to. Anger filled her but the boy kicked her in the head and is now in blackout.  


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