Cortana : The Seventh Heaven

"The girl who slept a hundred years, has something after all."
A boy's father dies, he finds a secret in which he left behind. Searching for the answer, he lands upon a girl; or Cortana, a humanoid.
As months go by, he realizes the real purpose to why Cortana was really initially planned for..


1. Prolouge


Lesson 0


I feel nothing.

I am nothing.

I felt my body engulfed by a warm nothingness.

How long have I been here?
I heard a small tap.

Could it be that I'm hearing things?
No, most definitely not.

As the small tap became stronger, the more I wanted it to stop.

My head spun from the earsplitting noise.

Then it suddenly stopped.

I could feel once more, my back was on something cold.

"..Floor" I felt my head whisper.

A blinding light hit my eyes as I opened them carefully, only to find a figure looking down on me.

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