Cortana : The Seventh Heaven

"The girl who slept a hundred years, has something after all."
A boy's father dies, he finds a secret in which he left behind. Searching for the answer, he lands upon a girl; or Cortana, a humanoid.
As months go by, he realizes the real purpose to why Cortana was really initially planned for..


4. Lesson 3 - Through the eyes of a believer

6 Months ago


The train glided silently into the train station causing a shadow over platform three and the waiting passengers. Rain was starting to fall, and the crowds boarded hastily as the doors opened. The platform was left with scurrying people heading home in the dusk. In an uncaring manner, the train's doors noisily slammed shut a moments silence was followed by a gentle electrical murmur as the train slid out of the station.

I clasped the key with my cold pale hands, and wished to see daylight as it truly was.

Morning light never came for me.

I bobbed my head along the train's movements, before grabbing onto a hanging strap.

Why would he leave the key there?

Did he know I was going to find it?

Fidgeting the hem of my blazer, I continued to ponder before a feeling overcame my touches.

He didn't.

I clenched the hanging strap, and watched as my knuckled turned white.


The key skid across the white desk, before the woman sitting across raised a brow at me.

"Haven't seen one of those in years." She leaned closer, and looked up at me once more.

"Do you know where they still use keys?" I started, before she waved her hand to stop me.

"People don't use keys anymore; it's all right here." She signaled to her wrist, and peered at me strangely. "Which reminds me, how's it doing? Any malfunctions?"

I shook my head, and instinctively put my hand over my wrist. "Yeah," I sighed in annoyance.

"Well then, was that all?"

"Marie, you know where they are! Just tell me, and I'll be out of your office in no time." I crossed my arms over my chest before she shook her head.

"No idea kid. If you want me to try, I'll have to charge you." She smiled with false joy.

Frowning, I signaled her to give me her wrist. Marie batted her eyes innocently, before outstretching her arm towards me.

I swung my arm in a small swiping motion before a small beep was heard.

A small blue screen projected from my wrist.

> 100.00

I glanced at Marie, and she motioned her hand upwards.

Rolling my eyes, I swiped up.

> 500.00

I glanced at her once more before accepting.

"Thank you for shopping~" She chimed, before standing from her seat.

Marie pinched the air and released, and a clear screen appeared.

Swiping her fingers left and right, she managed to narrow the locations.

Turning to me, she had a small frown.

"Remember, what you're doing is dangerous. It may as well be illegal." Marie stepped away from the projector so I could get a closer look.

I outstretched my hands, before inserting my hand through it.

The screen dissipated, and remained on my arm.

"I was never involved, kay'?" Marie grinned. I let out a small laugh, before she sat down once more.

"Why do you you need the map anyways?" She tilted her head curiously.

Turning to her, my dark hair covered my brown eyes.

"I think.. this was responsible for my father's death."




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