Cortana : The Seventh Heaven

"The girl who slept a hundred years, has something after all."
A boy's father dies, he finds a secret in which he left behind. Searching for the answer, he lands upon a girl; or Cortana, a humanoid.
As months go by, he realizes the real purpose to why Cortana was really initially planned for..


3. Lesson 2 - He Knew

6 Months ago, the day after.


I scavenged around his room.

It was empty.

The Masks already took what they needed.
His blueprints.

His plans.
His everything.

My father lived for technology.

He was a highly praised man, not to mention that he started a revolution with Humanoids.

A Humanoid is a robot being, that helps you with your everyday lives. Almost like maids, yet they have a higher capacity. Father built them specifically to look like humans, so the could blend in and not be judged by Scholars or others that are discriminating them.

Scholars are intelligent branch of society, their passion is power through intelligence, or that's what their leader said.

Father was a Scholar.

I do remember them calling him a disgrace, and a whole lot more.. He didn't have a place to belong.

I also remember when Exovists, took him under their wings. 

Exovists are people with so much more power than Scholars.
They are inventors; they provide the economy to keep moving forward

His wife has left him with a child, alone.

They gave him shelter, only if he gave them his inventions.

"Soon," I remember he said, "all of Prism will know our names."

And they did.

I stopped rummaging through his individual stacks of paper before a few toppled over. Sighing in annoyance, I sat on the wooden tiled floor, and resumed to pick up the pages.

I felt my hands shake.

"Peter," I felt a pair of hands hold my shoulders. "You don't know what horrors lie ahead." I was no longer in his empty room, but looking into my fathers eyes.

"What do you mean?" I felt my mouth move, but not a noise proceeded to come out. The memory was a blur, but it was mostly because of my tears.

Unlike the rest of society, I actually have more than two emotions. I have them all, including true sadness.

Just like in the books my father hid.

"Peter, you are not like the rest of us." I heard my father speak softly again, his raspy voice shaking. "Don't trust anyone, you hear me?"

I felt the papers cut my fingers in a soft motion.


"Yes father."

I felt tears well up in my eyes once more, before placing the papers back on the wooden study table.

My eyes scanned the floor for more pages, before I see a dull twinkle in the corner of his room.

It was almost hard to see, I leaned closer to the corner before rubbing my eyes.

Under the plank. I said quickly

Go now!

I skid across the floor, and pried the small gap open.

He left me something.

He knew..

An ear splitting noise echoed off the white walls.

The small object was in my hands, a small bronze chain jingled in a small melody.

A key.



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