Cortana : The Seventh Heaven

"The girl who slept a hundred years, has something after all."
A boy's father dies, he finds a secret in which he left behind. Searching for the answer, he lands upon a girl; or Cortana, a humanoid.
As months go by, he realizes the real purpose to why Cortana was really initially planned for..


2. Lesson 1 - I'm OK


6 Months ago.


I stared at the scenery before me, my mind wondering to places.

Through the grand windows of the penthouse, I could see people walking along, the distant sea touching the sky with a firm hand.

Still, yet moving, the sea seemed lonely. Even if the sun were to accompany it, the sea had no happiness.

I turned away from the large window, and put my tea cup down.

It's only been a day, and the only difference; the only thing missing is my father.


"We meet here today to honor and pay tribute to the life of.." The man spoke in a soft tone, as rain hit against our black umbrellas.

I stood afoot his blue tinted glass coffin, and looked up to the sky. I didn't have an umbrella like the rest of the guests. I felt the rain drip down my suit, and I got strange looks tossed at from others.

The truth of the matter was that I didn't mind.

It was just a simulation of water anyways.

I glanced to the sky, only to see it fizz and show a red sky.

Looking back to the glass encasement. He wasn't inside.

There was nothing, but a small object.

A microchip.

A tracking device owned from the government, to know where you are, if you are straying from the government's program..

They even play their morning news in your head.

Clenching my hands into a fist, I looked around me.

I didn't cry like the others. I stood there, almost like a tree.

My feet were rooted to the ground, and I didn't move one bit.

I felt a hand rest on my shoulder, and I turned in an annoyed manner.

A girl stood there, her kind eyes pleaded comfort, but I turned my head back to my father's glass coffin.

"..That he was a part of our lives" I heard the man say. "He was a great inventor.. he loved his only child.." I glanced up to the speaker.

The familiar face glanced to me, and back to the crowd. A woman wept heavily, but I knew that it was just for show.

I'm being surrounded my the governments officials. They don't miss him at all.

They miss his work.

I stared closely at the speaker, and he turned to me, almost automatically.

"Would you like to say a few words, Peter?"


I sat alone in the couch, and flicked through random channels on the wall sized screen.

"--Has died. Investigators believe that it was a suicide." The woman said, as she spoke to her viewers. "Fortunately, the închide has managed to save his works." She said almost dully. "We will soon be releasing the Humanoids once again--"

I grimaced, and shut the television off.

They just don't know when to stop.

I looked at the glass touch pad in my hand, and launched it onto the screen.

Shattering, and glistening, I watched as the tiny diamond like shards flew across the room.

"Mr. Peter, are you OK in there?" I heard a voice on the other side of the big room ask. Her voice echoed off the empty walls. "Mr. Peter?"

I sat in silence.

I felt the rush of air soothe me, as the balcony window was opened. The cool air hit my damp face, in an almost comforting manner.

"Yes." I said as I bowed my head. "I'm ok."


"I'm ok."

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