The Markings That Created Us


1. chapter 1

I woke with a start, a burning pain shot up my leg, making me cry out in agony. My mother rushed into my room, scooping me up and running to the car. We got to the hospital in no time, and I watched in fear as my mother was left at the door of the emergency room.

The next morning my eyes opened to sunshine on my face, and my mother fixing the blankets on the hospital bed.

She looked at me with such relief, "You're finally awake. We were so worried about you."

I must've given her a mix of emotions all in one facial expression because she immediately lowered her head. "Mother. What happened to me?"

She ignored me, so I began to press harder for answers. I called to her again, no answer. I finally got fed up and threw a vase of roses that sat next to my bed. "Tell me why this keeps happening to me damnit."

She looked to me like I had just beaten her. Her face softened and she sat next to me, "I'm so sorry this keeps happening to you Elizabeth. It's time that you know why, but we can't trust the people here."

I looked at her, stunned, wondering why she would say we couldn't trust the people who just treated my leg. I began to open my mouth to speak again when she covered my mouth and motioned for me to stay quiet.

"Act like you're asleep."

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