Writing Tips

Just a few tips to guide you through the writing process.


2. Blurb

This is probably one of the most difficult things to write in the story process. The blurb needs to be captivating but it can't reveal too much of the story or people just won't want to read it, and they won't want to read something so long.

If your story is about a man who is dying and his last wish is to see the world (let's say), your blurb can't be something like, "{name of character} is terminally ill and his final wish is to travel across the globe." You need to be more secretive in a way. If I was writing the blurb I would write something like "as illness took over him, he made a wish; a wish he hoped he could fulfil before death grabbed his hand."

A blurb needs to reveal a little bit of the main plot but not a lot, it needs to sum up the plot but only the outline. If you're going to reveal the whole story plot in the blurb you may as well just not write it.

A blurb needs to be interesting - captivating actually and it needs to be able to grab people's attention. It can't be taken lightly or your book is going to flop.

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