Writing Tips

Just a few tips to guide you through the writing process.


1. Your idea

First you need an idea. Every book needs a plot so you need to think about it very carefully. You don't want to over complicate it or people will get confused, but you also don't want it to be too simple as that will bore people.

Ideas are simple to think up. If you want to do a cute one then think of cute things. Maybe you could write one about how two people met in a pet store, or how two people were brought together by their love for ghost hunting. Just think of small things like that and make it into a book.

You really need to do one about love, you could do one about a lonely man meets a stray cat and they bond through that. I made my first ever book that wasn't about love, it's called 'be careful what you wish for' (shameless self promo) and is about a man who wishes things and they happen. Your idea can be as bizarre as that!


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