It's All Different

Harry isn't Griffindor. He doesn't meet Ron and Hermione. Lily doesn't marry James???...........Pictures do NOT belong to me. If it is yours please tell me if you want it removed. I own everything but pictures. Might change Pan's name.


6. Trent

      Harry got out of bed the day after the welcoming feast.  He saw a red-haired green-eyed boy in a corner.  He had the four-poster in the corner in his dormitory.  "Uh...Hi," Harry said.  "Hey," the boy replied.  "What is your name?," Harry asked.  "Trent," the boy said seeming he was about to cry.  "I'm Harry"  "I know," he said irritably.  "Do you want to be my friend?," the boy's face lighted up.  "Yes!  One-Hundred times YES!"

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