It's All Different

Harry isn't Griffindor. He doesn't meet Ron and Hermione. Lily doesn't marry James???...........Pictures do NOT belong to me. If it is yours please tell me if you want it removed. I own everything but pictures. Might change Pan's name.


4. The Sorting

 Audrey's POV  

   We walk into the great hall hand all we see is a dream.  "Ronald Weasley," McGonnogal said and I was brought back to reality.  "Gryffindor," the sorting hat yelled.  "Hermione Granger," McGonnogal exclaimed and then again the sorting hat made a choice.  "Ravenclaw!" and the girl skipped away.  "Audrey Snape" my dad, the defense against the dark arts teacher smiled.  It took forever for it to make it's choice.  "Hufflepuff," I think he is proud either way.  "Harry Snape" again a very long time the hat took to make a choice.  "Slytherin!" A while later when the feast was over I went and hugged Harry, and said goodnight. Then went off to my common room.


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