It's All Different

Harry isn't Griffindor. He doesn't meet Ron and Hermione. Lily doesn't marry James???...........Pictures do NOT belong to me. If it is yours please tell me if you want it removed. I own everything but pictures. Might change Pan's name.


5. Schedules

        Audrey's POV


        "Come get em!," yelled Professor Sprout.  They were our schedules.  Mine said:

9:00- Herbology

10:00- Defense Against the Dark Arts

11:00- Potions

12:00- Lunch

1:00- Care of Magical Creatures

2:00- Transfiguration

3:00- Free Period

4:00- Astronomy

5:00- Flying Lessons

"I can't wait!" a girl in my year said.  I walked up to her and wanted to see if we had classes together.  She had Blonde hair like mine and purple eyes.

"What do you have?" I asked.

We have 5 classes together! I screamed in my head.

"What is your name? I am Lilliana Evergreen," She asked.

"I am Audrey Snape," I replied.

"Do you want to be friends?"

"Yes!  I would LOVE that!"


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