It's All Different

Harry isn't Griffindor. He doesn't meet Ron and Hermione. Lily doesn't marry James???...........Pictures do NOT belong to me. If it is yours please tell me if you want it removed. I own everything but pictures. Might change Pan's name.


8. Qudditch Tryouts

   No one in their family had been good at quidditch but Harry and Audrey decided to try, and so did their BEST friends.  Audrey was soo nervous when it was her turn.  Harry was a keeper and Trent was a beater.  She and Lilliana HAD to play quidditch too.  Dad waited to send a letter to mom until he got all the results.  Audrey almost missed the snitch but she did catch it she knew she would be on the team now.  She didn't really watch Lilliana chase the quaffle.  But apparently, she did a great job and got 100 points!  They both got on the team.  Trent and Lilly were coming to their house for Christmas too life was perfect.


Kinda odd isn't it.  I told you it's all different.

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