It's All Different

Harry isn't Griffindor. He doesn't meet Ron and Hermione. Lily doesn't marry James???...........Pictures do NOT belong to me. If it is yours please tell me if you want it removed. I own everything but pictures. Might change Pan's name.


7. Hey Meet...Oh Cool!

     After Harry met Trent and Audrey met Lilliana They went to have breakfast.  "Oh that's my brother Harry!," Audrey said.  "Harry!  This is Lilliana."  Then Lilliana said, "Call me Lilly."  "Well Audrey this is Trent," Harry said.  "Hey," Trent responded to meeting Audrey.  Then they went and met Severus.  "I am glad to meet you all," he said "But you need to eat and get to herbology you two.  What are your first classes?"  "Herbology," Trent and Lilly said at the same time.  "Well have a nice first day all of you," Severus said and they went to eat.

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