a story of nobody

Suzanne is overcoming life's struggles. She tells the story of when her life changed to a living hell. She no longer knows what happiness is.


1. Eight Years


Eight years...2,920 days...that's a long time.... In eight years you can be an adult. In eight years you can be married. Or as for me, in eight years your life can turn into hell. My name is Suzanne Williams. I live with my mom, my brother, and my sister. My dad was never in my life. He thought drugs were more important. But that's okay...I didn't need him....or so I thought. My mom had a boyfriend who provided for us and she had a job and life was good- I mean I still fought with my siblings but for the most part life was fantastic. Until the night of New Year's Eve. Most people entered into a year of happiness and start overs. Well there sure was a boost in my start over. 

"...three,two,one. HAPPY NEW YEAR" Or so I thought. I mean I was having a good time. My cousins were over and we were shouting out joy. That was the last time I felt pure happiness-I felt happiness here and there, but that definitely was the last time my smile reached my eyes. I went to bed knowing love and I woke up knowing pain.

I went to get breakfast wondering why my mom wasn't back from her night out last night. I passed off the worry telling myself that it's a new year and I want to start it out as happy. I go to the livingroom to watch TV and then I hear someone come through the door. Yes. Mom is home. I ran to hug her but hesitated as I saw bruises under her eyes. Stitches where a busted lip use to be and pain in her eyes. I then hugged her out of frustration and pity. I was only eight but I knew a lot more than what an eight year old should know. My mom was hurt and I was pissed.

"What happened" My brother is three years older than me. He was the protector of my family. I knew he was pissed to.

"It's nothing. We'll talk later" How could that be nothing? I wanted revenge. But I knew she needed her time so I didn't bother her.                                                                                                                                                                      

How could Carl do this? I mean I know my mom and her boyfriend got in fights here and there and he did seem a little abusive, but nothing like this.

"It's okay Candace. We will go to court and sort this out" We've been getting visits from investigators and I want them to leave us alone. My mom is in sobs and is hurting. Why make her tell it over and over again.

"He'll go to anger management" Anger Management? He needs to go to jail. He fucking bashed my mom's face into a curb.What the fuck is wrong with the state. I was even more pissed.                                                                         

I watched as everything was taken from me. The furniture. The car. The money. The house. I wanted to stop it, but I was helpless. I should've spit in his face-Carl can go to hell but no the judge thinks anger management will help. My mom did- she went to jail for assault. That made me pissed at the government. I'm now just pissed at life.

"Let's go Suzanne" 

"Coming Mom" I didn't want to go. I didn't want to leave my childhood but it already ended. My innocence was completely gone. 

Jimbo,my mom's new boyfriend, was suppose to take care of us now. Let's hope it's not like the last.

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