Not Far

Jean is subjected to a rude awakening when she parts ways with her best friend. She makes her way to Washington D.C. before finally running into a group of survivors, but is she in for more than she bargained for? Will she slowly lose her mind in this lonely world of devastation and no hope?


12. Welcome To the Show

The next morning, I woke up alone. I didn't really care though, I knew he was off somewhere else, taking things from other survivors. I sat up and stretched, looking around the room. I noticed something... different. There was a folding screen in the corner of the room and a battery powered CD player on the chair in front of it.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed, my feet barely touching the cold, stone ground. I made my way toward the screen and CD player. There was a sticky note on top of the player.

'Jean, these are for you. I had them moved this morning. -Owen.' I smiled and opened the CD player, finding the CD that I had in my bag when the apocalypse started. I had no clue that they kept it. I smiled widely as I came up with my plan for telling Owen the news. I would put on a little show for him.

After hours of patiently waiting for him to return, I left the room. It wasn't that I was angry, I was nervous. In this world, if someone hasn't returned for a while that usually meant they were dead. Word around the warehouse was that he left with Edward once again to go on another run. We were running low on supplies. This wasn't good, and I was beginning to feel guilty. How was I going to do this? We barely had any food left, almost no medicine, and I was pregnant.

There were screams echoing from within the warehouse, words of walkers escaping spread like wildfire. I rushed to one of the windows, staring outside and realizing that they had gotten out. Most of them were surrounding the broken down car in the courtyard. I felt dizzy and weak as I turned around. Everyone was gathered around me.

"Everyone lock the doors. No one is going outside. Anyone who's out there is already dead. Leave them." I announced. A burst of murmurs erupted from the crowd before me. No one moved. I scowled.

"Well? Do you want to die? Lock everything down or we're all dead!" People moved at my second command. A few people remained, looking at me with worry in their eyes.

"How do we put them back?" A woman asked. I looked at her. She had short black hair and green eyes with pale skin. I smiled reassuringly.

"When Alpha Wolf returns he'll put them back. He has the button that controls the traps. I'm sorry." I told her. She nodded and departed along with the rest of the remaining people. I stared out the window and noticed movement. There were two men running out of the car while one fought off the walkers. He got to the gate and managed to get out, joining the other two guys on the other side.

Eventually, he returned. He was with Edward and some other guy in a red poncho. I didn't move from the window, I sat there for hours. He killed the mysterious man before setting the traps back up. The sounds of loud music filled the air and flashing lights-well-lit up the surrounding area. The walkers were drawn to it like moths to a bug zapper. I made my way outside when they were all inside the trucks. I decided that I wanted to tell him. I carried a small jewelry case with the test inside with me as I approached him.

"What's that?" I inquired as he stared down at the black and white pictures in his hands. He didn't answer, only studied the place. It seemed to be another gated community. He looked up at me and I saw the look on his face. He was pained, but he was trying to hide it. He had a nasty bruise on his forehead, too.

"W-what happened?" I asked. He shook his head and turned away,I refused to take this as an answer.

"Owen. I-I have something to tell you." I stated quietly as I gripped the box in my hand. He sighed.

"Jean. Stop. Just leave me the fuck alone, okay? I'm not in the mood for this." He told me in an angry tone. My eyes widened, my mouth agape. I ignored this and followed his instructions, going back to our room because I knew he wouldn't be in there for a while. It was now or never.

My fingers traced along my new sledgehammer, the polished handle sending a shock of pleasure through my body. I gripped my new weapon, lifting it and placing it over my shoulder as I made my way toward the folding screen which concealed a desk and lantern along with a dusty, battery powered CD player. Or, should I say, my dusty, battery powered CD player. I took out one of my favorite CDs from my teenage years, The Entertainer by Randall Shreve. I waited to hit play, the song I needed was track one and Owen wasn't here yet.


  I first placed my sledgehammer against the wall, then I slid out of my shorts, folding them up and placing them atop the folding screen. I opened one of the desk drawers and withdrew the garter belt I managed to find in the lingerie section of an old Spencer's. I slipped into the garment and attached the fishnets to them. Next, I grabbed the corset which came from the same place as the garter belt. I shed my tank top and practically poured myself into the black, purple, and red bodice, lacing it up slowly as if to tease myself. I stood before the grimy, cracked mirror, admiring my transformation to seductress. I took out my black, satin ribbon and tied my hair up, exposing my neck. 

  The door had opened and I jumped, still hiding behind my folding screen. I didn't bother looking at who it was. It couldn't be anyone else at this time of night. I smirked as I grabbed my sledgehammer again, gently pressing play, letting the lazy-but at the same time, sexy-first notes of Randall Shreve's Welcome to the Show echo throughout the room. My leg was the first to emerge from behind the folding screen, moving along with the beat, stepping forward then backward. As he sings 'what happens next' I run my hand along the length of my leg. Repeating the aforementioned acts while adding one where I take a spare set of panties and fling them to someplace else until he sings 'rock and roll may move you, but the devil's gonna take your soul' to which I reveal myself and turn, sledgehammer in hand as if it were a cane in a musical.

  As the chorus starts, I place my sledgehammer down in front of me, gripping the very top of the handle as I lazily swung my hips to the rhythm. I then began to move backwards slightly as I moved my shoulders to the tempo he was singing. As soon as I came full circle, I dropped down, the hammer still between my legs before I stood again, this time, circling the hammer. Repeat. 'Welcome to the show!' The song exclaimed as I held out my right arm, followed by my left as he repeated it.

  The next part of the song were the careless 'la's.' I bent my knees as I circled the hammer again, slowly rolling my head at the same time. At this point, Owen was seated on our bed, eyeing me lustfully. I turned fully around, facing away from him, bending over provocatively. I heard the cots creak and I immediately turned around. He was standing, but I would not allow that, I walked toward him, trapping him on the cots. 'Leave your troubles at the door.' This was my cue, as he sat back down, I sat on Owen's lap so my legs were across his legs. My torso was twisted so I could face him, one arm draped across his shoulder and my other hand on his chest, simply rocking back and forth in his arms.

  "I'm I killer, I'm a healer," I sang along as I cupped his cheek, moving closer to his face. I moved away as the song went on, moving toward his ear as my favorite part came up.

  "I'm your devil, I'm your angel, I'm your lover" I began as I hugged him. I turned his head to look at me as I straddled him.

  "And baby, I'm your whore." I didn't get to finish my little 'cheer up Owen' routine, by the time these words left my mouth, my back was on the cot and he was hovering over me. I smiled at him as innocently as I could.

  "What's with all the teasing, pup?" He asked. I smiled up at him.

  "I wanted to thank you for the sledgehammer, and to cheer you up. Feeling better now?" I asked. He nodded, placing his forehead against mine.

  "So much better." He muttered against my lips before completely engulfing them with his own. I pushed him away gently, looking him in the eye.

  "Can I tell you now?" I asked. He nodded, untying my hair.

  "We did it." I told him excitedly, sitting up slightly and attempting to reach under the bed. He got off of me, flashing me a confused look and I dangled myself over the edge of the bed, grabbing the box underneath it before handing it to Owen. He glanced up at me and I smiled.

  "Go ahead, open it." He slowly lifted the lid, glancing at the object inside. His expression lit up as he fully removed the lid, exposing the positive pregnancy test. He was ecstatic, as was I. He then put the box on the floor before pulling me into a loving embrace, while easing me down onto the bed. Let's just say, by the end of that night, that song had a completely different meaning to me.

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